Bitcoin & Etherium at all time high: CryptoCurrency Market hits staggering $3 trillion

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[Just look at these news reports. The next time Alex Linder and I do a show, I want to discuss what I've seen lots of young Whites doing, which definitely CANNOT be Jew related. Whites are definitely diving into Crypto. I see Gold is also rising after a very long time in the doll-drums. Just look at these numbers below. I think Jews are now perhaps piling in. But Jews weren't the prime movers and shakers. The reason is because it's too technical. One crypto where I saw a Jew involved, and it's a scam is a crypto called: CHIA. That's junk. But others like Bitcoin and Etherium are fine. Jan]

$3 trillion

Total value of the cryptocurrency market on Monday, November 8 — a new all-time high. The runup coincided with twin peaks for BTC (breaking $68,000) and ETH (above $4,800). In other news, DeFi protocols had more $270 billion in value locked as of Tuesday AM — another all-time high.

140 million

Approximate number of Chinese citizens (about 10% of the total population) who have activated digital yuan wallets, according to the People’s Bank of China. As China cracked down on crypto this year, the country ramped up efforts for its central bank digital currency, which has seen adoption grow more than six times in the last four months.


Price at auction for an NFT that grants once-per-year access to a 2,000 pound tungsten cube at the Illinois headquarters of metal supplier Midwest Tungsten. Why? Because tungsten — which is almost as dense as gold but much cheaper — has become a meme on crypto Twitter, leading many fans to buy (much smaller) cubes. The auction’s winner can choose to “burn” the NFT and receive full ownership of the giant cube.


Percentage of millennials who said they’re “at least somewhat comfortable” owning crypto in a recent survey. Meanwhile, 37% of Generation X and 22% of baby boomer respondents to the Bankrate survey reported the same crypto comfort levels.

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