Billy Roper: Support Elizabeth Warren – My Comments: WHITE REVOLUTION: The Rich need to be EXECUTED!


[Below is a note I sent to Billy. He was very pleased with what Elizabeth Warren had said. Jan]

Hi Billy,
I’m posting what you wrote. However, do you seriously believe that this woman is any better than anyone else?

My own view is that people who get to those levels, have already been filtered through the system and they are no better than the others.

My personal view is that the only way the USA or any part of the West can be saved will be by a white revolution that comes from the bottom.

I lost every ounce of respect for people with money and status here in SA – and I’m talking the whites. For me, Trump was the last straw. If a big time billionaire, can’t take a stand against the elites, then there is no hope. Trump is the proof that voting cannot work. All that’s left is white revolution, from the masses, from the bottom at some point. You yourself are an advocate of the idea of Balkanization in the USA. The polarisation, which is just getting worse, is proof that in the end, left and right will have to fight it out. I think it will get to the point were even the tamest whites won’t be able to take it any more. I’m a firm believer that the only path forward, in the future will be revolution and war across the Western world. I realised long ago, that the rich, will never save us. Most of them are pure scum. They will not turn on their buddies. They’re all feeding at the trough. The rich are true scum. At least all the ones I’ve seen here in SA. The white rich here are such traitors. Each one of them should be hanged from a lamppost I tell you. There will be very few among the rich who will stand with us.


On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 4:51 PM Billy Roper wrote:

Within hours of Michael Bloomberg announcing he may jump into the Democratic primary, Elizabeth Warren takes a swing at him, based on his wealth. And the fact that another Jewish billionaire supports him. Stating that they all will always stick together due to their wealth, connections, and influence.

Wow, Fauxcohantas. Anti-Semitic much?

“Last night, it was reported that another billionaire — Michael Bloomberg — is taking steps to enter the Democratic primary for president in 2020 (he would pay over $3 billion next year under Elizabeth’s wealth tax).

And now today, his fellow billionaire Leon Cooperman (he would pay $151 million) wasted no time and endorsed Bloomberg’s potential candidacy.

The wealthy and well-connected will always have each other’s backs. They may have money and influence — but we have our voices and our votes. And come Election Day, there will be more of us than there are of them.

But in order to build a grassroots movement — fueled by the people, not the billionaires — Elizabeth needs your help.”

Billy Roper

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One thought on “Billy Roper: Support Elizabeth Warren – My Comments: WHITE REVOLUTION: The Rich need to be EXECUTED!

  • 25th December 2019 at 5:16 pm

    I see Billy’s reasoning for supporting Warren. If she is elected, the whole system will come crashing down and race war will start within months or weeks.

    IF a war does start (just what the kikes want), don’t waste your time and bullets on niggers, wogs, spics and watusis. Target only Politicians, Media workers, Hollywood scum, Bankers, FED, TSA workers, High Ranking Military traitors, and any other shabbos goyim and race traitors you can round up. Rope and meat hooks will be in short supply, so be frugal. STAY ON TARGET, don’t be tilting at jew windmills.


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