Biden’s Fake Cabinet Takes Shape – My Comments

[I hate this. I really hope Trump's attorneys  can come through for him. This Biden nonsense gives me the creeps. Jan]

You just have to laugh at the stupidity. –

Biden’s Fake Cabinet Takes Shape

To prop up the illusion of self-fulfilling prophecy, President Non-Elect Biden — backed up by Fake News fanfare to amplify the trick — is rapidly announcing his Cabinet picks. We remain certain that Biden — notwithstanding Trump’s feigned weakness — will NOT become president in January. Nevertheless, his two most important pretend picks — the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of State –serve as a reminder to us all of what President Trump is saving us from.

Biden’s handlers intend to install Council on Foreign Relations member and former Central Bank Chairhag Janet Yellen (cough cough) at Treasury for the purpose of overseeing the post Stupid-19 communization of Earth known as "The Great Reset." Yenta Yellen, you may recall, was thwarted in her efforts to deliberately hobble the Trump presidency (and harm millions of innocent people) with interest rate hikes back in late 2016 / early 2017 when Trump essentially did the unthinkable — firing (by not reappointing) a sitting Fed Chairman selected by the banksters of New York.

(continue at ANYT 11/24/20250-BIDEN-FAKE-CABINET – The Real History Channel )

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