Beware of Nuclear False Flag Blaming Russia: Jan’s Analysis – Putin and Biden and Nuclear Scares

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I was obsessed with nukes and nuclear war for decades. And like many others I thought the world would end up in wild nuclear fights. But over a long period of time, my own skills at analysis and understanding of the US military vs the Russian military improved and I now see things very differently.

The politicians might be a bunch of nutcases. They might be corrupt scum and garbage, but the military are a different kettle of fish. At the end of the day their job is to protect America.

The truth of the matter is that people are out of their depth when they say things like America will do a false flag nuke. Let me assure you, that military people will not do that even if the politicians want it or are demented enough to think of it. The stakes are far too high.

If the Americans wanted to nuke the Russians they could have done so 30 years ago without risking anything. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Americans even gave MONEY and HELPED the Russians to ensure that the nukes don’t end up in the hands of nutcases.

Putin himself was involved in this and was a beneficiary of this.

Why would the USA set up a nuke false flag now? I really don’t see the military point of this. This is nonsense.

I am horrified to see some military people in the USA claiming that Russia is leading Ukraine into a trap by letting them advance!!! I can’t believe anyone with military experience can actually write such crap.

Nobody just retreats for months on end just to spring a trap. And I see no reason why the Russian military would even have thought of such a plan. The raw fact is that the Russian military have been losing against their will.

Biden, the stupid weak prick, has been screeching about a nuclear holocaust. And Putin himself has been threatening it. He’s even said things like "… I am not bluffing". It is really Putin and Biden who have been talking nuclear shit. Both of them.

And I think Putin is well aware of the crybaby Western world’s Jewish media and he was playing on it so that everyone would be scared. Putin is definitely trying to scare the West.

But the truth is, Putin is a bulldog without any teeth.

It makes no sense that he would be threatening to use nuclear weapons. This is NOT how anyone sane in the military world would do it. They would NEVER THREATEN if they were serious. Instead, they would DO IT WITHOUT WARNING. That is the best procedure.

So it is clear that Putin is bluffing a lot.

Both Putin and Biden are talking shit about nukes.

It’s all just scare tactics. And it won’t go anywhere.

The real military people who would fire real nukes won’t do this as a game.

You’re just looking at 2 politicians fighting war with words. It’s nothing more and has no meaning.

I would be amazed if even one nuke was ever used in this war. I can’t see the military sense of it for either the USA or Russia. There is nothing to be gained from using it. It is a 99.99% chance it will never happen.

I don’t take this seriously at all.

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