BEWARE: AfricanCrisis malware: RoboVerify

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I‘ve decided to do an experiment to see if Trump‘s Truth Social actually works and how good it is. So I created an account on there. You can follow me at the link. It might be fun to try this out. I think Truth Social is perfect for people who are Conservatives and Christians. You may find it works fine. Let‘s see.

I think I’ve found the malware. Its called Roboverify. It only seems to be on AfricanCrisis and nowhere else.

I’m not quite sure how it go in past my anti-malware software.

But beware if a picture pops up with a big black page and a big robot (I think its purple). It asks you to click to verify that you’re not a robot. Kill that page immediately.

I’ll look into removing the irritating thing this week.

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