Bestiality Play Time: Sam Brinton: Gays pretending to have Dog Sex: Puppy Love


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This is an American article I published on AfricanCrisis from another website.

Here is the link to a fascinating article where Sam Brinton and his pals are dress up like dogs and you have gays pretending to have dog sex. The article is called "Puppy Love". I must hand it to you Americans that you have in your midst, people who do weird things but they are excellent at how they market it, how they "frame" it, so that it does not look as weird and disgusting as one would think off-hand. So instead of saying they are playing at Bestiality, they call it "Puppy Love" and it sounds fun.

Of course, the question is, whether they have done actual bestiality as well. Maybe? Maybe not. But clearly the thoughts are there.

Here’s the link:

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