Been Working hard on videos… a BIG Jewish surprise… Also Angola/Portuguese

I had recorded something that was Jewish in January, and I’d been letting it slip more and more, instead of getting it out. So I focused on that intensely trying to get it done quickly. I ended up creating 4 videos. But included in the problems were lots of audio issues, so I had to put the most audio fixing effort into videos that I’ve done in a long long time.

However 3 of the 4 videos are now completed and checked, and I’ll wind up the last one’s details today. So don’t miss it. This time, you won’t just hear me… you’ll hear JEWS… you’ll hear what comes out of their mouths. Out of the filthy mouths of these anti-white Jews….

I will begin releasing it late today, the first short video. They get longer and longer and by the end of it you’ll understand a bunch of stuff.

This will give you an idea of how my chats with my Jewish friend used to go!

Jews … the anti-white ENEMY WITHIN!!!

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