BANNED: Adolf Hitler the Messiah – 3 Part series


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Video & Audio: TOP SECRET: WW2s Biggest Tank Battle they never talk about
This was one of my 3 viral videos on Youtube before they quickly killed it. The original video was made in 2016. Look in every history reference book for the biggest Tank Battle that was ever fought and youll find they talk about the Battle of Kursk (or the Kursk Campaign). Heres the greatest tank battle in all of history and the fantastic Wehrmacht won it with ease, even when they faced tanks so new and so advanced that they had never seen these types of tanks before and even when their shells just bounced off the Soviet armour!

This video series revolves a video made by my friend Nordlux Bellator in Eastern Europe. He did a short video called: The Divine Order. This is a short and very lovely video to commemorate Adolf Hitler’s birthday. But this video is BANNED on Youtube. So I set it up elsewhere.

Youtube later banned one of my videos below (I think it was the first one). So 2 out of the 3 videos are banned worldwide. But I’ve set them up here so that you can watch them all by clicking on the links!

Adolf Hitler the Messiah, Part 1 is meant to be watched before you watch The Divine Order. Part 2 is to be watched after you’ve viewed The Divine Order.

In this video series I discuss the question: What is a religion? Is Nazism a religion? Is Communism a religion? I also discuss my views on what religion really was thousands of years ago.

In Part 2 I discuss the impossible achievements of Hitler & the NAZIS. Why do we fight? Hitler & the Germans were already experienced soldiers whereas we are 21st century white geek boys. We’ll have to learn how to become warriors in order to save the white race. Hitler and Napoleon achieved many utterly impossible things.

So here are the links:

Part 1

The Divine Order

Part 2

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On 30th April, 2024, I was due to get on a plane to the USA. This is a short video about my bizarre experience that day.

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