BAD NEWS: Matt Hale’s Mom will be disappearing soon: Ms. Hutcheson to be admitted to a nursing home soon

[This is a note from Branden Hall who does amazing work to try to help Matt Hale. Please support him and the folks at Jan]

Dear Supporters of Matt Hale,

I have some bad news. I have been informed that Matt’s mother, Ms. Hutcheson, will be admitted to a nursing home soon and will, therefore, not be able to respond to your email messages nor actively participate in the effort to see justice done for Matt.

This is a huge change for us here at, as I will be taking on all of the things that she was doing behind the scenes in the past such as checking the website daily for new documents in the Civil Rights Case as well as any other things that Matt needs assistance with by somebody on the outside.

If you’ve been a supporter for a while, you can appreciate the phenominal person that Ms. Hutcheson is. There is no person on this planet that backs Matt more than his dear mother. Her many appearances on internet radio shows, her daily efforts, and her constant support for Matt has been an inspiration. Truly a wonderful woman and mother to one of our greatest former White leaders in recent memory. I can see where Matt gets his strength and determination. She will be greatly missed. I’ve been in touch with her since 2014.

I will continue to do what I can to help see Matt freed and I hope that all of you out there will continue to stand by him. Thanks.

Branden Hall

Free Matt Hale!
Save the White Race!
White People Awake!


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