Audio: #TeamWhite 2019#01 – Jan in USA & Where is Alex Linder now? – Jews, Banks, Credit Cards hit Whites!

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Video: STOP FARM MURDERS!!! Black Politicians are directly responsible for Farm Murders!
This is a short video I did which quickly gives you some background into farm murders and why I, and others say that Farm Murders are caused directly by black politicians. Here are many facts about Farm Murders in South Africa that you dont know!

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The Jews had Alex Linder’s bank a/c closed in recent months. We discuss this and many more racial issues, including my observations of black Americans. Alex and Jan chat for the first time in the crazy year of 2019. From now on, I will be numbering our chats.

Alex was banned off Gab, when Gab’s creator went all wonky after some Jews were shot for well deserved reasons by a white lone wolf hero. Alex had been banned off Twitter at least 5 times before. Alex has been harassed and banned intensely for many years. So where is Alex now? He loves the microblog format. His new home is at I will be joining Alex there shortly. You are welcome to join us there.

In our discussion we talk about Alex’s move to PieVille, and also the state of the USA and the big disappointment known as President Trump. He mentions that Brian Ruhe in Canada was also recently banned off Youtube. We discuss the latest MASS BANNINGS from the scumbag operation known as You … er JewTube.

Alex talks about Steven Crowder and how this triggered the latest wild bannings.

I mention that the Christian, Graham Hart, in the UK was recently interrogated by the Police for his song “The Hoax Train” which I like so much!

I discuss a few of my early impressions of the USA. We especially focus on the trillions of dollars that have sucked white Americans dry, in a mass attempt at creating big FAKE SUCCESS of Blacks in the USA!

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Video: Napoleon: Jews are GUILTY until proven Innocent!
This is the story of how Napoleon tried to solve the Jewish problem in Europe nicely. He got all the Jews together. Then the Jews proceeded to lie to him and he realised it!

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