ATTENTION: WHITES: The ONLY GOOD NEWS you will hear in your entire life …


Let me tell you something from my life here in multiracial, multicultural southern Africa where we have multiple races. One thing I have noticed is this: The ONLY GOOD NEWS I have ever heard, always comes from WHITES.

Forget all the multicultural nonsense you will hear. When left to nature, when left to themselves, all "humans" begin to break into groups. The non-whites themselves break into groups, and most importantly, those groups, then begin to evolve in their own way.

I have reached the point where I have a rule of thumb and that rule of thumb never fails to deliver. It is that the ONLY GOOD NEWS that I ever hear, EVER, always comes from a White source – from our people.

Whites are NOT perfect. Whites are NOT angels. But, we are the best thing there is. And ONLY WHITES can truly grasp and interact with other Whites. Multiculturalism is a TOTAL FAILURE. A total flop. It is like spitting into a hurricane.

Focus on our people, our culture, our values, our future, our children. We always succeed, we always move forward. The only sensible things you will ever hear will come from other Whites.

These others can be very boring. Let me tell you, you can get so bored of them. They can talk, but that’s about it. Lots of talk … very little action. Boring.

The only good news you will ever hear will be from the mouths of Whites and the actions of Whites!

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