Attention: White Canadians must EXECUTE Prime Minister (scumbag) Justin Trudeau & other anti-White treasonous Politicians


This piece of shit, Justin Trudeau, is the white-hating Prime Minister of Canada. He really needs to be EXECUTED for his utter treason and open HATRED of the whites of Canada – the whites who built Canada and who hold it together. All these white-hating politicians who were voted into power by whites and now publicly denounce them really need to pay the price for TREASON to the whites. Treason has a simple definition and the way in which these “leaders” in public denounce their own people is beyond belief. The same was true of the Jewish scumbag Sarkozy in France who told the French that he would FORCE THEM TO INTERMARRY WITH NON-WHITES! What a piece of dog shit he is!

I can tell you where this comes from. The Jews go to work on whites and they especially focus on the upper classes. Then they induce a class hatred and disdain between the upper classes and those below them. Then these cuckolds/morons/idiots believe the Jewish BS and they then think, in their demented heads, that they now have new “knowledge” and they “know better”. Meanwhile, they’re pure assholes and their stupid minds believe all the Jewish nonsense. For that alone these weaklings need to be executed I tell you. But anyway, that’s what it seems to me is happening in Canada. The Jews have got full control of the minds of these cuckolds/weaklings/fools who now think they’re real “men” or real “leaders” when in fact they’re pure shit actually and have no abilities in the real world.

I found a photo of Trudeau kissing a man. Now various sites including (which I no longer trust), claim that its a fake news picture. But I found this photo and story on sites that seem to be real news websites. So I’m not totally sure if this is a hoax really. Either way I find it repugnant as a man. Here is the photo:

Given the way that Trudeau behaves I would not be surprised if he really has faggot tendencies because that is how it is with these Jews. You only need to look in the UK and you’ll see lots of this and Lord Janner the Jew was the epitome of that Jewish evil.

Returning to the incredible treason in Canada at its highest levels, just like in Britain. It turns out that there are some brave Canadians. And they are spreading the message below which I totally agree with. Execute these scum for their treason to the whites. These countries were white countries built by whites for whites. Who are these bold bullshitting treasonous scum to tell the whites they must go? I think the opposite is true. Here’s a cool pamphlet someone in Canada is daring to publish. Jan

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