ATTENTION: We need to find NEW SEARCH ENGINES … REAL SEARCH ENGINES… not Google off-shoot crap

I’m on the lookout for search engines – not Google. Not Bill Gates’ bing. I’m talking NEW SEARCH ENGINES. BRAND NEW SEARCH ENGINES. NOT OFF-SHOOTS OF GOOGLE.

I have noticed, that with browsers for example, that 90% of "new browsers" are all actually based on Google Chrome. If you read about their underlying software, you’ll see it is Google Chrome with just another face that someone did.

In Search Engines its a lot like that. LOTS of search engines that you think are truly independent ARE NOT. They do NOT seem to suck in their own data, and process their own data properly and show you the internet data that Google for example, censors.

Most of the search engines, when I investigated in the past, were nothing more than another face of Google. At the bottom of it is just Google driving everything.

I am looking for proper, unknown search engines that go and index the internet themselves and build their own databases independently of Google.

We need to get away from this Jewish/Liberal Google shit.

The internet is enormous. It is well worth getting proper data.

Get away from Liberal/Jew infested crap. There’s a lot of censorship going on and the Internet is bigger and better than what you’re being shown.

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