Attention: If anyone out there can understand Russian or Ukrainian please contact me

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I am looking for people who can read or understand Russian or Ukrainian. And if you read or monitor Russian or Ukrainian media or websites or TV, all the better.

I want to monitor Russians more closely especially.

As an aside, if you monitor media in other languages and you can understand other European languages that I don’t monitor, drop me a line. There is a lot of stuff that is written in other languages that does not get into English, and hidden in there can be some real amazing gems.

I’ve been monitoring Ukrainians, but I want to monitor Russians much more closely, especially what is published on their websites and in their videos.

I have been watching so many Russian videos where Russians speak that I’m amazed I can even begin catching some of the Russian words.

It’s a fascinating learning experience, observing all these Asiatic Whites and seeing how they think and what they say.

Russians are very NATIONALIST. They are not RACIALISTS, they are NATIONALISTS – but a nationalist type of multicultural/multiracial empire. They are Russian-centric.

Russians are a lot like the British were when they were "jingos". Jingoism was a type of propaganda that made the British go crazy and they would kill anyone they were told to kill. So when the Rothschilds and the British Government told them to slaughter the Boers and that it was a good thing, they went and happily did it.

There is a huge difference between the Russian mindset and the American mindset, which is now just a weirdo bunch of Jewish crap. But the Russians are quite alien to Whites in the West, and one needs to see these people as they are in the raw.

Raw reality, raw truth is all I care about.

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