Attention: Ex-South African in Australia: Warns about Jews and Government psy-ops on NAZIS


[I was telling a good ex-South African I know who lives in Australia. I've known this guy for very long time and take his viewpoints seriously. So when I told him about the documentary about "The NAZIS next door" he wrote his comments below. So this could be Jews and the Liberal/Leftist freaks with money busy out there hunting out any "deviant" Whites who aren't licking the boots of Jews. Jan]

He wrote:-

This is weird… I have not seen or heard of anything like this. The population here is extremely indoctrinated… Hence all the leftists and Greenies.

The Liberal party is even far too left for my liking, hence my support for Pauline Hanson’s “One Nation”.

Dobbing (snitching) is a common trait here… they have been brain-washed that this is a good thing.

So, (I believe) the neo-nazi element would never survive here, they will be infiltrated immediately….

Or dobbed in. I have not come across any radical Aussies.

I wouldn’t put it past this regime though, to conduct psy-ops on the population for whatever reasons.

I (and other) South Africans were quite shocked when we arrived here to find whites behaving worse than our radical blacks ever did… Stabbing others with broken bottles (called glassing), knives. Groups of 13-year-olds beating-up police… You name it.

I’m reading Michael Collins Piper’s book, The Judas Goats…. It is amazing how the CIA worked hand in hand with the ADL, to infiltrate Nationalist groups and destroy them from within.

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