Are the Stock Markets, especially the US Market getting ready to Crash big time?

This is from a note I sent to a friend (I think the authorities will try to "manage" the crashes so that they are not too bad by using FED buying):

I forgot to mention something about the markets. There are weird things on the go. I think the markets are probably well overdue for massive crashes and the authorities know it. I was reading that the FED was buying up Stocks and ETFs on the stock markets to prop up prices. But more ominous, in recent days, they’ve changed "products" that are known as ETFs. They have shut down a bunch of high risk ETFs and also reduced the risk levels of others.

It may be that they know that a lot of turmoil is coming to the markets.

In many ways, 2020 seems to be 1929 all over again.

Maybe we’re heading for WW3 too in the next decade or two.

Take care

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