Are Nuclear Bombs real? – A followup discussion…

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[Here is a follow up chat with someone who told me that he had been deeply interested in nuclear science and even had thought of working in that field. He wrote a long reply which I’m not going to publish now, but he did draw my attention on a topic that I truly thought had been put to bed. You’ll see some questions I fired at him. Jan]

I just want to clarify with you though what exactly you believe or don’t believe re: Nuclear bombs. Because it seems to me you may have a different position to other people in this regard. I recently spoke to an American Lady who lived in Russia and she also said nukes aren’t real, but I need to pose the question to her: If nukes aren’t real then what are all those missiles and facilities in Russia? Annually they show off their nuclear weapons in military parades. And what of Chernobyl?

So let me ask you:-

  1. So you do believe in some kind of nuclear reaction process: Do you think that nuclear power plants are mostly ineffective? They work, with a process, but it does not work well?

  2. Do you believe fission nuclear bombs are possible? (e.g. like the one at Hiroshima?)

  3. I understand that a hydrogen bomb (fusion) needs to be triggered by an atomic bomb (fission). And you are saying this is not possible? That it’s not possible because of dispersion? From my understanding and diagrams: The fission bomb’s explosion goes INWARDS to create the intensive pressures necessary for the fusion reaction to occur.

  4. You speak of computer simulations: In the 1950s and 1960’s there were an intensive number of nuclear explosions being conducted. Eventually they did them all underground. There is lots of film footage of them. My understanding is that they began doing these underground explosions in order to record in detail all aspects of the explosions so that they could figure out how it works. And that is why they stopped doing nuclear explosions completely, because they developed the simulations needed. That’s why they no longer do nuclear explosions. They have all the info they want. (They even exploded a nuclear bomb in space).

  5. They created a nuclear club for the original nations that got them: USA, UK, France, Russia, China – and for everyone else it is “non proliferation”. i.e. Nobody else is allowed to get nukes. But the original club keep their nukes. South Africa is the only country that had nukes, which then destroyed their nukes. Specifically, South Africa’s nukes were destroyed because the CIA stated that they did not want Mandela and the ANC to get hold of them.

  6. If nuclear weapons aren’t real or feasible then why do these serious military forces, the biggest in the world claim to have them? And if they don’t have them, then what do they have? e.g. Nuclear missiles on huge Russian and American submarines. What of Chernobyl?

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