Are Jews trying to prepare German-hating Jordan Peterson as a great future leader in Canada?

I see Jordan Peterson’s stuff everywhere. And I detest him. He’s such an asshole. Firstly, I can stand his insane lies about Hitler and the NAZIS. He has a hatred of Germans in general. My late Boer NAZI pal and I had discussions about Jordan Peterson and his conclusion was that he thinks Peterson IS A JEW. Though nobody has evidence to prove this. But he thought so. I have wondered if Peterson is a crypto-Jew or if he’s just a shabos goy who is working for them. But there are many aspects about Peterson that bother me. And he’s been around for some time. And I see he is very much around on Youtube in a big way. So he’s definitely APPROVED BY JEWS.

But is he a crypto Jew or a Jew? His hatred for the Germans is very intense. His lies about Hitler and the NAZIS go to the maximum lengths he can come up with them. The intensity of his hatred for them makes me think he’s really a Jew.

Anyhow, the most I see of him the more he irks me. This bastard is misleading Whites, but he does it in certain cunning ways. I detest this bag of shit Peterson.

I have wondered if they are grooming him and preparing him for something much bigger so that he leads, or rather, MISLEADS Canadians back to German-hating Liberalism and even towards a hatred of Whites.

I don’t trust this bag of shit, Peterson.

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