Are Jews destroying Argentina financially… currency collapsing again!

A few years ago when I started doing videos I mentioned that I discovered that Argentina had a lot of Jews in it: 300,000 of these lying scum and trouble-makers. But someone recently did a video about how Argentina’s currency and how it was imploding. He then pointed to a website which tracks the OFFICIAL exchange rate versus the unofficial exchange rate, and it shows how bad things are. He was theorising that maybe the Argentinians were trying to get Bitcoins to store their money in.

300,000 Jews in an average country is a lot. At its peak, South Africa had 180,000 of the racial filth. So 300,000 is a lot for a country like Argentina.

And they’ve had weird problems before and I think they even had a Jewish woman running the country. Their currency has collapsed before. Either way, it looks as if Argentina is in trouble again and I wonder … what is the role of the Jewish hand in the problems of Argentina?

NB: Both charts below show that the currency is collapsing again. I’m sure this has happened before. But you can see a meltdown in progress in 2020 again!

At this link you can see the official exchange rate for Argentina’s currency:

At this link you can see the UNOFFICIAL exchange rate for Argentina’s currency, which is a lot more:

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