Are Jews busy trying to create WW3? I think so…

I have been raising this topic for a long time. I think in about 2016 or so I did a video about it. But it does seem to me as if Jews are trying to plunge the world into chaos and war. I think the Jews may do this as a form of "cover" and "deflection" so that other people kill each other and die and then Jews keep their heads down and they slink away into the shadows and wait for the killing to stop.

They also buy up everything and when the killing is over the Jews own everything.

When I look at Ukraine stuff, I would say that it is 100% clear that NOBODY IN NATO wants a war with Russia. Also the US Government is not too keen on this stuff.

But it is as if the situation has been set up that one thing will lead to another.

The world is becoming unstable big time.

There are many weird things and it is as if COVID is a kind of trap that lays the scene for worse to come.

We’ll have to keep monitoring this.

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