Apartheid South Africa’s Greatest Tank Battle in Angola against the Soviets, Cubans and Blacks

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[Someone who attended my lecture 50 Years of Race War in Southern Africa found this small video. And below are my comments. Jan]

Hi Jan,

I had never heard of this piece of history before:

Interesting stuff, the myth of Cuban victory there.

I then replied as follows:-
Thank you very much for this. It’s a good little video and I watched it.

I actually discussed this in that lecture that I gave in Canada which you attended. I did not describe the full battle but I did give all those casualty statistics.
The statistics I had were slightly different and more accurate. I think I said we lost 7 vehicles in total (other vehicles in addition to the tanks) while destroying 120 tanks.

I looked at the video carefully and it does mention SOVIETS (Russians) there. It mentions 1,000 Russians being there. But it does not tell the full story. I will publish that later.

It’s not a high priority now. They tell you the Russians sent $1.5 billion in weapons and there were 1,000 "Russian advisors". That is not totally true. In total there were about 11,000 Russians there.

The Russians there were military officers who were running the show, but in order to fool the world the Russians always called their people "advisors".

What they don’t tell you is that the General in charge of this battle and of the entire army was a Russian. I think his name was Shaganovich – something along those lines.

They don’t tell you that the Russians not only supplied the weapons but actually created the entire army. I will add that there were even Europeans there including some East Germans.
There were East Germans and other Russians and Europeans who flew the combat aircraft as well.

In recent years in SA I actually met an East German who was there. I met him and spoke to him several times and it was interesting chatting to him.

The Cubans were there mainly to handle the tanks and the heavy artillery and planes because the Blacks were too useless to do it. So the Blacks made up the Infantry army.
But the Cubans were the armour, artillery and planes, and the Russians were the ones commanding everything.

We killed and captured some Russians. That is also in that talk that I gave.

The Russians are very proud of their help there, and I have the Russian website where the Russians boast to this day about their time in Angola fighting the White South Africans.

After the war in Angola lots of people claimed it was a victory for the other side, but that’s nonsense. In that talk I gave, where I gave the statistics, it is clear the South African Army
tore them to pieces, and lots of their troops just broke and ran away. I think there were TWO battles at Cuito Cuanavale. Because they tried to cross the River more than once.

It’s also referred to as the battle at Lomba River.

The tactics the South Africans used were very similar to what you see in Ukraine today – with long range artillery. And that too was in the talk that you attended.

I’ll put this on my website. Thank you very much.


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