Apartheid: Black Homeland: Bophuthatswana run by Lucas Mangope – Links to Israel – The Jew Sol Kerzner

[One of my readers is a European lady who used to live in South Africa. She uncovered the links of Lucas Mangope to Israel. This was a Black guy, who led one of the Black Homelands, which was very pro-Capitalist. It was also in this homeland that Apartheid South Africa's Las Vegas existed. It was called: Sun City and owned by the Jew Sol Kerzner. Mangope was one of the "good Blacks" if you will. Jan]

The European lady sent this about Mangope:

More on Mangope (wiki) :
He studied towards a Higher Primary Teacher’s Diploma at Bethel College in the Transvaal from 1951. After graduating he started teaching and specialised as an Afrikaans teacher. He taught at secondary schools in Mahikeng, Motswedi, Krugersdorp and Potchefstroom and was awarded in 1959 when one of his classes obtained the best results in Afrikaans among competing schools in South Africa.[5]

The European lady wrote to me:
If I remember well, it was after I got divorced (1992). Could have been 1993 – 94 … when Lucas Mangope (Bophuthatswana ) also got also involved against the ANC…

Just looked in wikipedia and see what I found:
"Sasha Polakow-Suransky (a Jewish-American journalist and author) wrote that Mangope was "widely considered a puppet and a joke in South Africa" during his presidency.[6] Mangope was nevertheless given some recognition during visits to Israel, meeting with prominent figures such as Moshe Dayan. Bophuthatswana had an unofficial "embassy" in Israel in the 1980s despite objections from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which did not recognize the bantustan as a state.[6]

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