Another Whining Good Jew Dr Zelenko – say’s he could be assassinated


These Jews are such a bunch of drama queens. Many Whites are fooled by the good Jew Dr Zelenko, who previously was boasting about his connections to President Trump – when Trump was president. Now he says Big Pharma wants to kill him.

Please don’t cry tears for the whiny crybaby good Jew who’s busy marketing his products to Whites.

He won’t die. None of them ever do. But boy can they whine and cry.

Zelenko also was very nasty to some level headed Germans at the start of this COVID nonsense.

Never trust a Jew, nor a Good Jew. They’re all here for only one reason: To get money into their bank accounts. They don’t care about anything except their bank accounts – all of them.

When the SHTF you’ll see all of them running … you won’t see them for the dust.

Worthless Jewish garbage.

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