Another US Communist: Kamala Has Another Dictator-Like Plan. This One Would Change Senate Procedures.

[Here is yet another “Liberal” (read: Communist) scumbag trying to destroy the USA. “Democracy” is beyond insane. All these UNFIT FOR POWER pieces of garbage need to be hunted down like dogs. Seriously. “Western Democracy” is in need of a serious clean up. Pieces of shit like this should be fleeing for their lives one day. Jan]

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Kamala Has Another Dictator-Like Plan. This One Would Change Senate Procedures.

Beth Baumann

Sep 04, 2019 8:25 PM

Kamala Has Another Dictator-Like Plan. This One Would Change Senate Procedures.

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

As the 2020 Democratic candidates continue to vie for the party’s nomination, one thing becomes more and more clear, especially about Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA): not only does she want to be president but she wants to be a dictator with the ultimate authority.

She wants to get rid of gun violence in America so she said she would give Congress 100 days to act before taking executive actions to implement “common sense” gun laws.

She wants to protect women’s rights to abortion so she’d require states to come before her Department of Justice to ask for permission to implement pro-life legislation.

Now, she wants to get rid of the filibuster to make sure the Green New Deal becomes a reality. She made that point very clear during Wednesday night’s climate change town hall on CNN.

“We need to work across the aisle, but I’m going to tell you, I’ve been there now two years and some months and I’m seeing no evidence of it. I’m seeing, I kid you not, in our United States Congress, I was part of a committee hearing during which the underlining premise of the hearing was to debate whether science should be the basis of public policy,” Harris explained. “This, on a matter that is an existentialS threat to who we are as human beings. So, again, back to the United States Congress, because here’s my point: if they fail to act, as president of the United States, I am prepared to get rid of the filibuster to pass a Green New Deal.”

For someone who is a lawyer, Kamala sure isn’t very familiar with the rule of law. She seems to “forget” – or blatantly ignore – the fact that a system of checks and balances exist. If she were to win the Democratic nomination and, ultimately, the presidency, she can’t resort to executive action at every turn. Congress is supposed to be the lawmakers, not the president.

Not only that but the president doesn’t have the power to get rid of a Senate procedure, in this case, the filibuster.

Democratic candidates continue to show their true colors and their true intentions. It’s obvious Harris’ goal isn’t to be a figurehead or a leader. Her goal is to be a dictator, a single ruler. And that’s a direct threat to our republic.

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