Another Jewish sack of shit in Congress: Dan Goldman, 47, Congressman

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[Jews are boasting about yet another one of their scumbags getting into congress. White Americans need to fight back to regain control of their politics. Jan]

Dan Goldman, 47, is the Congressman for New York’s 10th Congressional District, where he serves Lower Manhattan and much of Western Brooklyn. Previously, he was the former lead counsel for the impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump. Since taking office in January, Goldman has played a leadership role in appropriating funding to protect places of worship and Jewish community-based organizations from antisemitic violence, advocating for Holocaust education in public schools and launching the inaugural House Bagel Caucus to insure everyone on Capitol Hill had the opportunity to eat real (read: New York) bagels. Goldman lives in Tribeca with his wife and five children.

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How does your Jewish identity or experience influence your work?

My faith has inspired my lifelong commitment to public service, and my recent journey to the halls of Congress. I carry the value of tikkun olam with me every day, the Jewish commitment to living a life of service to one’s neighbors, and giving back to my community. My Jewish identity and values inform the decisions I make — to uplift those who are forgotten and left behind, to speak truth to the power and fight against injustice wherever it shows itself.


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