Another Jewish Computer billionaire: You don’t hear about: Larry Ellison

[Ellison is a Jew who is only really known in computer circles because he is the owner of some software. The software he owns is the database known as Oracle. I think he also owns some software that drives "virtual" computers. Anyhow, he's definitely a billionaire. Jan]

This is from the website: Jew or Not a Jew:

Larry Ellison

Jew Score:
August 17, 1944 —
So, as we recently mentioned, Sheldon Adelson, who recently was the richest Jew in the world, holds that title no longer. The Las Vegas developer’s net worth has fallen from 26 billion to barely over three… Shed a tear for him, gentle reader.So who is currently holding that all-important title? Coming in fourth overall on the world’s richest list, it’s Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison! Larry’s adoptive father was a Russian Jew who tried to hide his roots by changing his last name to Ellison when he came to America.

Larry is currently worth $22.5 billion. But seeing the way the world’s economy is behaving, the key word here is "currently", of course. In other words, we’re betting this topic will have to be revisited sooner rather than later.


Can’t we just get Bill Gates to convert to Judaism and call it a day?

Verdict: Jew.

April 18, 2009


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