Angry reader writes about Anders Breivik and says I’m wrong to support him…


An angry Swedish reader wrote this to me:Jan, Please STOP SCRATCHING at false straws with weirdos who we would never wAnt in our families it makes you look stupid! Anders Breivik was a nut-case who killed innocent children and I was not far away when this happened sadly. Who not only was part Jewish but he served in one of the defense forces protecting Israel. He was also a Freemason! All is on the internet. You are better than this nonsense and before posting, so called allies pro, us, look into who they are and what\’s behind them first! Its also embarrassing for us who have been in this fight longer than you have been out of nappies to listen to such garbage. Its not even worth the psychological shock. IT JUST DEMONIZE\’S OUR CAUSE. You\’re on base but use your head aka engage brain before posting something you have taken on face value. Keep up the GOOOOOOOD work ditch the rest. TAKE NO OFFENSE I ENJOY LISTENING TO YOUR LONG TIREDS THEY ARE WORTH IT BY ENLARGE. i SUPPORT YOU.

I replied as follows:
Have you ever actually read his writing because its actually good and very sane. I’ve not put it out. He is no fool.

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