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2006: Norman Reeves: I can solve S.African crime in 6-weeks!!!
This was a kickass Englishman I knew, who fought in Rhodesia and S.Africa. He ran a security company. He died under mysterious circumstances.

I’m very interested in any war related things, because war is coming to all of us, IF WE ARE LUCKY! This may surprise you, but I see war as the only mechanism whereby Whites can break free.

Bismarck, who unified Germany in the 1870s, said something like this: "The Great Questions of our day will be settled with … iron and blood". And that is how it ALWAYS IS THROUGH HISTORY. It is ALWAYS like this.

Our enemies, especially in Africa, achieved everything, through political deception, lying and political scamming. All of politics, from negotiation to the implementation of constitutions, has been a TOTAL SCAM.

I think the Age of Globalism has come to an end, and I am very happy. We may be entering the Age of War, where things will be settled according to the strength of the Whites, especially the White Middle and White Lower classes. The Ukraine War thus gives some tremendous insights into the state of military weaponry in the age of the internet.

I was keen to follow the Russian offensive for 2023, but there wasn’t much to follow. The power of the Defensive in war has been great since WW1, and the Russians made hardly any progress.

I am now following the Ukrainian Counter Offensive.

The war has many lessons for those who make the time to study it. I will, from time to time, maybe bring some of those lessons to the attention of White men.

I did a video a month ago, with my analysis of what I think is possible in this Ukrainian counter offensive. In war, there is the concept of "The Main Effort". They may fight in many places, but there is always the TOP SECRET, of where the "Main Effort" will take place. In my video I stated clearly which area is the area of the Main Effort for the Ukrainians even though this is NOT known publicly and has never been disclosed by anyone. In my analysis, I am sure I have identified the real piece of territory that the Ukrainians will be going after, but which no commentators on TV or the Mass Media will ever tell you. So I have been very keen to assess my analysis and also the progress.

I am keen to observe the DECEPTION of the Ukrainians, because last year, I, like everyone else, was fooled by their deception for months.

What is NOT evident in the Mass Media, is the intensity of the fighting in Ukraine now. The Ukrainians are using those big missiles that they got and they are hitting the Russians hard in places where it really hurts them. The Ukrainians now are launching strikes deep into Russia, mostly on strategic targets that are aimed at breaking Russian logistics. They are also targeting any place where Russian troops are, including barracks, etc. All along the line is a lot of fighting. In the North East, the ground has still been extremely wet. This affects the heavy armoured vehicles.

A surprising set of moves has been the Two Russian Forces, of Russians who are fighting for Ukraine. They have conducted cross border raids into Russia, reminiscent of what South Africa and Rhodesia used to do. It is 100% clear that the actions of these Russians are controlled by the Ukrainian Army and Government as part of their broader strategy, despite all claims to the contrary. Interestingly, some time before the cross border raids, the Ukrainians moved anti air missiles close to the Russian border and they seem to have lured some Russian aircraft and helicopters into an air ambush and they shot down a few of them. This may have been a preparatory move to scare the Russian air force away from the ground attack that came a week or two later by the Russian ground forces. The Russian ground forces came from Ukraine, and I was amazed that they could drive on the roads without the Russian helicopters coming and shooting them up, or the jets attacking them. They have now raided Russia TWICE. On each occasion they spent at least 2 full days in Russian territory, and the Russian air force seems to have done almost nothing against them. These "Free" Russians, I might add, were driving American humvees!!

What is also not evident to most people is that Ukrainian long range artillery can reach quite deep into Russia, so these "Free" Russians are actually operating under the umbrella of anti-air missiles that can be fired from Ukraine, as well as DIRECT ARTILLERY SUPPORT. In the latest raid, Russian officials gathered in some buildings in a village, and then they were blasted with artillery. What the "Free" Russians or Ukrainians are not telling you, is WHERE did this fire come from? Because the "Free" Russians, clearly do NOT have that fire power in their ground forces. I am certain that this heavy artillery fire came directly from inside Ukraine.

The fact that the "Free" Russians were able, on 2 occasions, to penetrate deeply into Russian territory and to stay there for 2 whole days is quite an amazing feat. These raids have no military value on the face of it. But they do have these uses: (a) Tremendous morale and political value for the "Free" Russians, while causing serious problems for the Russian Government (b) They are very unsettling and scary for normal Russians. (c) The most important value they have is that by continuing this activity, the Ukrainians and the "Free" Russians are forcing the Russians to move much needed troops and tanks away from the real battle front.

Then there were drone attacks by Ukraine inside Russia. These served a similar purpose. To cause internal concern and to force the Russian Government to redirect much needed personnel to other places away from the battle front.

The Ukranians and "Free" Russians have been so successful, that it is possible that the Ukrainians might use the "Free" Russians to cause problems for Russia all along the northern border of Ukraine. This will force the Russians to have to move and deploy troops and weapons AWAY FROM THE MAIN BATTLEFIELD. That is the ultimate goal.

So far, it seems to me, the Ukrainians are doing all those things to draw the attention of the Russians AWAY FROM THE AREA OF MAIN EFFORT.

Something else that is not evident to most people is that Ukrainians are already operating BEHIND RUSSIAN LINES IN UKRAINE. This is going to be dangerous for Russia. These forces are blowing up trains and perhaps even using Ukrainians to spy on the Russians and to feed back information to Ukraine. This work going on behind Russian lines is very important and it will undermine the Russian ability to fight back.

But the main weapons, so far, are those missiles, especially from the UK, which are going long distances and hitting critical Russian economic and logistic targets DEEP INSIDE RUSSIA. On some days, the Ukrainians have killed as many as 500 Russian soldiers in a single day using nothing but these missiles.

So the Ukrainians are "shaping" the battlefield everywhere and "hollowing out" the Russians.

I think the Ukrainians are also aiming at causing a collapse of morale of the Russian Army as well as undermining the public support for Putin. In this regard those "Free Russians" are a dangerous tool. The goal with the "Free Russians" is to START A CIVIL WAR INSIDE RUSSIA TO OVERTHROW PUTIN AND HIS ELITE. A civil war inside Russia, might be 2-3 years away. But that is the goal. Ukraine could become the launchpad for a war to conquer Russia itself and to install a new regime. I did mention that very early in this war, that I heard a CIA official talking about "Regime change" in Russia.

The UK is one of the prime movers in all of this. The UK is the 2nd biggest donor of military equipment to Ukraine. For the UK and France, this is a RERUN of the Crimean War of the 1850s. History does work like this. Wars can be fought over the same piece of territory multiple times.

The Ukrainians have 9 armoured brigades with modern Western tanks. So far I have NOT seen any indication of them going into battle. This is the main armoured fist of Ukraine for this counter offensive. Perhaps, they are being used on a small scale somewhere. But so far, I have not seen any indication that this, the MAIN ARMOURED FIST has gone into battle yet. So we have NOT seen the MAIN STRIKE yet.

About nuclear weapons: The West is so confident, especially the Americans, that they have even said that tactical (small) nuclear weapons would be virtually useless and that if they were used by the Russians against the Ukrainian army, that it’s effects would be so little that the army would just fight on, while losing no more than a few thousand men. The big scale nuclear weaponry, the type of stuff that can wipe out entire cities won’t and can’t be used by the Russians as I have explained several times in videos. So the Ukrainians and their Western backers are therefore very confident and they no longer care about Russian territory. Now they’ll just hit the Russians wherever they can.

I don’t know if the West’s ultimate goal is just regime change or the BREAK UP OF RUSSIA. I have heard hints of Russia being broken into 5 nations. The British are the GODS OF DIVISION. Nobody can break a region up like the British. The Americans are also good at breaking up and dividing people. I think the British would want Russia broken up. The Americans might be happy to simply settle for regime change. The bottom line is that while the war, for now, is about Ukraine and pushing the Russians out, I think one consequence of this summer’s war could be that we are seeing the beginnings of a Civil War inside Russia itself. The Half-Jew (probably more like a 60% Jew), who runs Wagner, is already turning on Putin and the Elite and stabbing them in the back. The Half-Jew is already positioning himself for turning on his own bosses.

The thing to watch is how unsettled the Russians themselves become both inside the military as well as the civilians. The civilians had a taste of the American shopping mall life, and there might be quite a lot of them who want to return to that.

I am amazed by Russian political TV shows where all the Whites are discussing the war, and are discussing whether Britain or America should be attacked or nuked in some way. It is an interesting twist on the use of TV. The Russians, including Putin himself, are hooked, to quite a degree on publicity and using modern communication tools.

I honestly feel that Putin made a big mistake when he attacked Ukraine and he kept the Internet online. The Russians are LOSING THIS WAR due to the INTERNET. I can’t tell you how many things I am seeing, that show me how BAD the Internet is for the Russians. The Internet will defeat the Russians. In military terms, I could talk at length of how the Internet was used from early on in the war to kill Russian soldiers and destroy their armour. That has been going on non-stop.

But the Internet could also become a SOURCE OF PANIC and DEMORALISATION. And the Ukrainians and the West are tapping into this.

In this war, lots of Russians have been killed by INFORMATION, including INFORMATION that came from America. Computers KILLED PEOPLE. American computers and satellites sent information to Ukraine and the Ukrainians killed Russians by using targeting information that came from America.

I think PHONES, modern PHONES, could be the undoing of Russia. Keep watching those "Free Russians".

The designer of the German Tank forces, Heinz Guderian, recognised the value of the RADIO inside tanks. He built the tank forces around the concept of having a radio inside every tank.

Now, we are seeing, for the first time, the true power of COMPUTERS. Computers that are linked to satellites and linked to the internet. This has TOTALLY CHANGED WARFARE. He who has: The satellites, the Internet and computers; will win any war. And the Americans have ALL the above. The Americans rule the world. Forget about Russia and forget about China as super powers. America is the only superpower, and Europe is the 2nd superpower. Everybody else is irrelevant.

I have told people many times before that there are only 2 superpowers in the world: America and Europe. Currently America is No 1 BECAUSE IT IS MILITARISED. If Europe could militarise and if Europe could work together more closely, then Europe would be No 1. There is a LOT of SUPER TECHNOLOGY that America has, that actually comes from Europe and especially from Germany.

In this war, you will see the real power of the West. Don’t lose any sleep over China. Russia, despite having a smaller population, is much much tougher than China. China is nothing. As for Africa, the Blacks are totally and utterly irrelevant. We need to get White Power back in Africa. I repeat, the WEST is INSANELY POWERFUL militarily.

The West is INSANELY WEAK POLITICALLY. That needs to be changed. WHITES NEED TO TAKE CONTROL OF AMERICA AND EUROPE. That’s the key issue.

We have another 3 months of warfare in Ukraine before winter sets in. Let’s see what those 9 armoured brigades do when they go into action.

There are tremendously useful lessons from this war, especially for Whites in South Africa. I’m following this war like a hawk this summer. And, whenever I think it is necessary, I will publish videos with information.

The key thing is whether Ukraine can achieve the Main Objective with their Main Effort this summer. If they can, then it will be a game changer. If they can’t then this war will be a dirty slogging match. One thing that has changed, is that the war is moving into Russian territory and the war inside Russia itself will slowly start growing.

Will Putin be in charge of Russia 5 years from now? Maybe not.

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