An American in the Alternative Media questioning the Ukraine War Strategy vs reality – Amazing HIMARS

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I was reading an article on another website in the Alternative Media where an American was writing and saying that there is an ever growing disparity between what the Ukrainian Army is doing and what is happening on the ground.

He was saying that all sorts of things that are happening are not making sense and that clearly the Ukrainian air force and helicopters are not functional. He conceded that, yes, the HIMARS rockets have been knocking out a "few" Russian ammunition dumps.

I just smiled. The war is slowing down a lot now. The other day was the first time in 2 months that the Russians did not claim any gains. However, I must be clear: Russian gains have slowed down more and more. For a long time, the Russian gains have been in really small areas. Entire areas where LOTS of fighting is taking place are quite small. e.g. 20 Km or 50 Km and the Russians advance by 1 Km or so now and then.

I read military history a lot, and am familiar with many military concepts which this guy doesn’t seem to be able to grasp.

There’s a video about Hitler’s one big mistake which I will be releasing shortly. In there I discuss many things, some of which, once you understand them, will enable you to grasp the Ukraine war better.

What the American is missing out on is the MASSIVE IMPACT of a handful of HIMARS systems. But the Ukrainians also have French Caesars and Polish KRABS. All of these systems are giving the Ukrainians some serious firepower.

But the GAME CHANGER was HIMARS. The guy has no grasp of how powerful those handful of HIMARS rocket systems were. They blew up lots and lots and lots of massive Russian ammunition dumps literally depleting the ammo stocks of the Russians.

I am incredibly impressed with what those HIMARS can do. I have been telling people in the White Right for years that the Western world has incredible military firepower. I understand how the American military strategy versus the Russians works.

The guy criticising what is happening, also clearly has zero grasp of MILITARY SECRECY which I have been stressing for years.

The only thing I’ve seen that indicates the Ukrainians are not having their way totally, is how their own offensives have slowed down. They got Kharkiv back, but the Russians are still nearby and things are at a standstill there.

The Ukrainians were busy preparing for a big counter attack at Kherson and there was a lot of fighting in that region but the Russians did manage to hold on to it. I was reading a pro-Russian website where they said that the Russians moved a lot of troops from the east to the south in order to fight the Ukrainians there.

The movements are becoming less and less as the sides bog down.

But it could well be that we’ve not really seen the last of the West’s weapons and their effects.

It is possible that the entire war is actually going to end up bogging down more or less where it is now. The Russians are crawling forward in the East at a snail’s pace.

Winter is coming and the Russians are already digging in. We could be seeing the borders of the Ukraine settling down here for a long time … UNLESS there are weapons coming in that could change the balance of power.

I have seen talk that the Russians are running low on ammo. But I’m not sure. The Ukrainians have always been struggling with ammo.

We’ll have to see.

We are at the 6 month mark I was waiting for, and the Ukrainians are clearly still in the fight.

The one weapon that has blown me away is the HIMARS. I am amazed at what it can do.

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