American Whites will never have a Whites-only state

This is from a discussion on pieville with an American when I said whites in Africa need their own state. He wrote:

You may know quite a few of us hounded Trump to help Whites in SA. He responded by saying he’d have Sec of State Mike Pompeo look into it. We never heard back.

At times reminding him still gave us no answers. Totally ignoring us.

I think it’s because Whites coming here would cause such an uproar with Democrats. They hate us that much.

A country of our own is the only answer. I have no hopes of that occurring in the U.S. Whites are too afraid.

I replied:

Don’t worry. When things get bad enough, people will freak out. I have noticed certain weaknesses in your American society. For example, I am astounded by the extent of white flight. For me its beyond belief. I had people show me lost neighbourhoods in the USA, especially Memphis. Brother, don’t worry. Your people will panic easily. Life is too good now. You just need a bit of hardship & your people will become racist fast. Change is coming, for sure.

In my lifetime, I have lived through more violence, war and social change than you. Its been on my doorstep. I’m warning you, Americans will change faster than you think.

Your society is very functional. You are very susceptible to change. You just need a good, dose of reality that the Jews can’t hide, and you’ll be good to go.

I also think, many “GARBAGE CITIZENS” including Jews, Indians, would flee your country easily. Easily.

I’m warning, you, when people begin feeling pain in their pocket (and you Americans are very susceptible to that), plus you begin having friends and family, hurt, killed or in danger … when fear visits your life … and is on your doorstep…. I’m telling you, people will CHANGE. In Africa, we had whites from UK arrive as Liberals & become racists in a few years. Fear, danger, suffering … changes people’s minds. It works. EMBRACE CORONA VIRUS!

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