Black American idiots who want separatism from the USA … My Thoughts


[This is from an exchange with an American lady. Jan]

She was commenting:
Blacks DO want to separate (see Syracuse U.) but they want to do so by removing us. If they are separated and we remain, it will never be enough.

I then jumped in and wrote:
They won’t be able to survive if they separate. That’s just stupid junk. They’re just full of shit.

She replied:
I do not doubt what you say, but they THINK they can do just fine!

I responded:
They think that because they’re fools. But when I see how they behave in your country with the utterly ridiculous demands for separatism, I must tell you I think Jews and Liberals have been whispering into the ears of your demented blacks. A lot of this nonsense also ties back to the notion that they are equal and they actually believe they can do things and that they are successes. All this “niceness” is leading to all kinds of madness. The same is true over here. They begin to believe that their judgement and ideas are actually good. I am a BIG BELIEVER in REALITY and that we Whites must openly challenge Blacks and that you’ll see these Blacks collapsing massively if Whites were to take them on.It’s about REALITY. WHITES are the GODS OF REALITY. This is our strength in every conceivable way – from thinking ahead, to science, to engineering, to the way our culture and lives work and finally to war. War is a return to reality. I think POLITICS is UNREALITY. It has become that. 

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