America is becoming like South Africa – Just when you think it can’t become more insane … it DOES!


I must tell you, the news headlines from the USA these days are just mind boggling.

I don’t even have to do much research any more. The scale and madness and stupidity of the insanity just blows the mind.

It is a lot like South Africa and Africa in general … just when you think, it can’t possibly get more retarded, more backward, and dumber … what the hell … IT DOES!!!

The latest from Biden’s crowd is taking the ugly Jew transgender or whatever the hell "it" is … Dr Rachel Levine … and turning him/her/it – into a 4 star Admiral.

This honestly is not right. This is insanity itself. But the soft, lazy Jews do enjoy getting their hands on to POWER … RAW POWER … because they know it’s importance and Whites, in their blindness ignore the elephant in the room – POWER.

Anyhow, yet again, I have to pick up my jaw off the floor when I see the newer and more absurd levels of Jewish madness that happens in the USA.

Of course it disgusts me. But remember, the goal for Whites is FREEDOM THROUGH REVOLUTION. The system must be BROKEN DOWN because the system is HIDEOUSLY ANTI-WHITE and totally evil.

What is lovely is seeing the Liberal system in America finally entering the sheer madness of total absurdity.

It’s a good sign. Even quiet normal people will begin to stare in disbelief at the sheer madness.

This mockery of the US Military should also outrage the real soldiers, the real officers, the real patriots. They will be joining the side of the civilian patriots.

This is going to be EXCELLENT. We will have the best soldiers on our side.

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