AMAZING CANADA: The Truckers & Farmers Protesting … What will the outcome be? Justin Trudeau what a disgusting coward – My Analysis…

I’ve been looking at various videos from Canada over the last few days showing the AWESOME events there. Truly Canadians can be proud. Truly. There is a Canadian song I heard that I totally love. I’ll be using it on my videos. It’s awesome.

Of course Canada is OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE. Let’s get that straight up front. Look at the convoys, look at the truckers, who were joined by the kick-ass farmers… and the vast majority of them are White. I would hazard a guess that the farmers are probably even more White (as a percentage) than the truckers. But, it’s very clear that "Canadians" … even those cheering by the sides of the road ARE FREAKING OVERWHELMINGLY, MASSIVELY, White by at least 90% from what I can see.

BTW another very fantastic move was the White Security guy for the cowardly "Black" (mocking) Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau, who resigned. Now there is a White man, who actually takes his position seriously. That Corporal, is winning back some respect for the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). The rest will prove to be the cuckolds and traitors that they are by following orders, because their personal bank a/c is more important to them than Canada or the Whites of their own race are. I think the Chief of Police of Ottawa is a non-White. So disgusting. Why is it that Whites EVERYWHERE must be "led by" people outside their own race? Rest assured that is JEWISH NONSENSE at work. Jewish Liberalism.

One thing I find interesting and surprising on the Canadian front is the utter contempt that so many Canadians have for their Prime Minister. His cowardice seems to be legendary and people have no respect for him. This, by the way, is something quite natural to our race. It shows a bit of our ancient militaristic mindset coming out of our DNA.

There had been claims up front that a huge event would go down and that lots of people would be killed – but I did not take it seriously. And all is well.

There is something else that pissed Canadians off, that they are now using to counter-mock the weak, pathetic bag of shit known as Justin Trudeau. When he said that the truckers only represented a small (racist) minority, this triggered a type of "Brandon" reaction among Canadians. I forget what term they used for themselves, but many people now openly put a "prefix" on the front of their names on social media as a mockery to the idiot Trudeau. We must not forget that Trudeau is owned and controlled by the Jewish billionaire Stephen Bronfman, who is a billionaire from a family of billionaires. I had suspected that somewhere along the line some Jew was whispering into the idiot Trudeau’s mind. And the Jew Bronfman seems to be it. I like the Canadian "Brandon" type of reaction to Trudeau. It shows a lack of respect, and outright contempt for their own leader. It speaks volumes. It’s a good sign.

I must admit, even I was teary eyed watching the Canadian truckers passing under a fly-over and all you saw were Whites and the Canadian flag … and people cheering from the fly-over as well as from the sides of the road. It was like a military force in motion and being cheered on by everyone. The billboard held by a pretty little White Canadian girl which read: "The trucks are coming to save us" was very lovely and also something beautiful and emotional to witness. The Truckers and the Farmers with their tractors are almost like a "peasant army" on the roll. It is an army in all respects except that it has no weapons. But it’s very wonderful and it shows that something has lit the spirits of the White Canadians. They reached a point where Enough is Enough.

So let’s look at possible outcomes from this:-

I did post a video a year or two ago, about the Peasant Revolt in Britain in about 1380 or so. I can’t remember the exact year. But the peasants rebelled and they poured into London to take on the King of England. Those White peasants however, were armed. And they came in such numbers, from all sides that the King truly feared for them. I think at one point they even fought with some of the King’s troops and drove them back. My memory is fuzzy – I would have to check what I’m writing later. So bear with me if I’m wrong. Anyhow, the peasants were furious and like the Canadians they had some demands and things that irked them. The King hid in his tower, and later agreed to meet them and talk to them on a boat on the River Thames. The King made various promises to them.

The White peasants were happy when the King made promises to them and it calmed them down and many began to leave. However, the King, despite being a Christian, was the boss, the ruler, and when he got the chance he turned on them and began using his power against them. The King lied to them and thereafter began catching them and he began hunting them down over the next year or so. They found and punished all the people who had rebelled against them and he never kept his promises to them.

Thus the peasants were doing the right thing and they had the King on his back foot and they had the power. BUT, the peasants lacked the centralised military thinking that one needed to use, and thus they easily relaxed, divided and went back home by their separate ways. Thus the central power of the King could then come and destroy them piecemeal. So that is what came from that.

Let us look at modern times and what we can expect:

The thing to remember is that the coward, White-hating, dumb, arrogant, Jew-listening fool, Trudeau, does control the reins of power. He IS the King if you will. But he does NOT have the full extent of power of a real king in the past. So there are some things that he can’t quite do at will. For example, one thing to watch is the Canadian military. They already issued a statement saying they would not get involved. This is a GOOD SIGN, and it shows that someone high up is not keen to confront the people and to use raw force on the people. I also don’t think it lies anywhere inside the Canadian persona, that anyone would do that. It’s just NOT the "done thing". So it is extremely unlikely that people will be killed except in rare and exceptional circumstances.

Trudeau did state that the COVID issues had been debated in parliament and it had been agreed upon. Thus he REJECTS OUTRIGHT the notion that he will EVER meet or debate with the Truckers. The problem here, is that the White-hating, worthless dumb coward, Trudeau IS LEGALLY IN THE RIGHT. So he is right that THE LAW is on his side and therefore the Police and the courts will execute the law. This is the dumb ass’s real power.

Trudeau has shown that he will happily support BLM but being the anti-White piece of crap that he is, he will NOT support the Truckers. The fact that a majority of "normal Canadians" (i.e. Whites) are behind this, which means that for the Whites – THE LAW WILL APPLY.

The Blacks of BLM can break the law as they please, but that is good. Whites can’t even do it peacefully within the law.

So the traitor/coward/White-hater Trudeau has drawn his lines and he really has nothing to back down on.

I should add, that the Canadian Truckers plus the Farmers plus the American truckers joining them … are all a wonderful thing to behold. It shows brotherhood, unity, etc. It’s very wonderful. And it is spawning a lot of copy-cat actions. BUT … the real game lies ahead. The real game is only now beginning.

Since Trudeau does not have to negotiate with them, and the law is 100% on his side, this puts the truckers in a spot. They are expecting that like BLM they might find someone willing to listen. But the nasty lesson for them is that Prime Minister Trudeau is a White hater. And he will show them every ounce of bad will that he can. So the Whites can go there and be as peaceful and law-abiding as they want, but he may be out to use his POWERS in all sorts of devious ways. The Police have already said they will be taking a note of who these people are. So like the King, in England, Trudeau is preparing to hunt them down in the future. Trudeau, despite being a White-hater and a traitor to Canada, is the LEADER. So if the leader is a traitor, then whatever he does is NOT TREASON! But if you’re not the leader, YOU CAN BE REFERRED TO AS A TRAITOR WHEN IN FACT YOU ARE NOT ONE. (The Americans have the same problem as seen when the election thief, Biden, won the election, and he gets to define what is true and honest and what is not).

POWER is the key issue here. The POWER of Trudeau, versus the POWER of the Truckers. The Truckers have clearly won the hearts and minds of the mass of Canada’s population, and they have even captured a vast audience in the world.

But the real test is what happens in the protests.

The Police could be given orders to find any reason, any weak excuse to begin catching people and fining them and charging them for various "crimes". They can begin whittling away the truckers’ support by arresting or charging people for "crimes". The moment the system begins to beat down on the Truckers, and people get arrested, even if the process is slow, one by one, it could begin scaring their supporters. This would be Trudeau’s main hope. That as THE CENTRAL POWER, that he can break up their cohesion and undermine them. So even if the truckers are willing to wait, say 3 months, demanding a meeting, he can refuse it for 3 months and he can set the cops on them to find all kinds of junk reasons to arrest people AND to then begin putting out LIES about them. He can claim that THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW.

As the emotion and excitement wear off, many people might begin retreating from supporting the truckers. The costs will mount while support drops. People will be arrested here and there, thus resulting in money and attorneys being needed.

The Truckers had better have a LOT of LEGAL support, because they will need it.

Trudeau would no doubt like this to FIZZLE AWAY and for him, he can play for TIME. Time is on his side. Time is NOT on the side of the truckers. So this could fizzle out.

The only thing that can help to reverse this, is if the Truckers have the social media on their side and they can document everything. If they can prove that the Police are mistreating them, for example. The war of words and news will be the most critical war. If they could garner MORE SUPPORT with time rather than LESS SUPPORT, that would be huge. But I don’t think it will be easy.

Trudeau might have buddies, like his bum chum the Jew Bronfman who maybe have friends who can create fake incidents which will give Trudeau the ability to use dirty tricks against the truckers and have reasons for beginning to clamp down on them. e.g. Accuse them of something and then give orders for certain restrictions against them on this false basis.

IF however, the issue at hand is so important and critical to White Canadians that they are willing to go the extra mile and to suffer with the truckers despite the lies and dirty tricks that will be used on them … that would be ENORMOUS. But it depends on what lies inside the hearts and souls of the Canadians. Do they have the determination to fight on, even for months? If they do, then it will be awesome.

This is going to be a real test of determination and will power. It is a battle in every sense of the word, EXCEPT with no weapons.

Will Trudeau EVER be willing to meet them and talk to them? Well, he has zero reason to. He can hide behind the law all the way.

If Trudeau wins, and he wins through arrogance and dirty tricks, then the Truckers will still be seen for the true heroes they are. This IS going to be a historical event. Even if the Truckers lose, it could spawn new levels of bitterness and anger among Canadians that could have long, long term effects. 50 years from now, people will still be talking about this.

What will be important will be the length of time they stay, and their levels of support and their numbers. Perhaps a game changer would be masses of normal Canadians coming out and standing with them and supporting them. NUMBERS … that’s the only game in town. That’s the only path to power. And this IS a POWER STRUGGLE.

Even if they lose, this may bond Canadians in a way like never before, and may help to have many positive spin-offs for them in the future.

Even if the Truckers lose, one thing is certain: Trudeau himself will, in the end, be much more hated than he was before. He also won’t come out of this more liked. He will definitely be a LOSER in that sense.

If the Truckers could win in some way and even get to a point where they can meet with the government and state their case, it would be a huge event. The Truckers could send shockwaves around the Western world and even beyond the Western world if they can get negotiations to open. It would be a huge game changer. Trudeau knows this and he might double-down on ways to destroy the Truckers.

I find the whole Trucker Protest along with their allies the Farmers and the American truckers to be beautiful and inspiring and wonderful. It shows me that Canada is fine and Canada can be saved.

I have watched other similar confrontations in Africa of masses of people, in this case Blacks, versus ruthless communists in power. In the end, the ruthless communists won, but it was an empty victory and it will take decades, but eventually violence will come there too. But Masses of peaceful Blacks could not win.

If the Truckers lose, then there will only be ONE FINAL LESSON: Next time the Truckers and Farmers and Canadians want to negotiate with the Government: BRING WEAPONS AND BE PREPARED TO USE THEM.

It may be necessary for these people to learn that PEACEFUL METHODS DON’T WORK. That violence is the only way. Look at BLM – violent and nasty and Trudeau worships them.

So let everyone do this in a nice and civilised manner, and if this fails, then remember for next time: STOCKPILE WEAPONS and when you do it next time, bring your weapons, show you mean business and show that you’re not afraid to fight.

I will be sad to see the Truckers lose. It was very beautiful, wonderful and uplifting. I HATE to see White people lose. But my own conclusion is that Whites everywhere are TOO NICE, and too civilised and decent to be respected, and that our race will have to learn to be violent, nasty DESTROYERS and KILLERS or else, nobody will respect us. I think, when I look at the Western world, I see no other alternative. Even here where I live. I see no hope. The only hope will be to do as our ancestors did: Arm up, and be ready to kill those who try to stifle your freedom. As the Americans say: Freedom isn’t Free. No truer words were spoken.

And if the Canadians should realise the need for the nasty path one day in the future, then at least they will be able to hold up the videos, documents, court documents and all other evidence to say: We DID try this PEACEFULLY and NICELY BEFORE and YOU F*CKED US OVER. This time, we’re not going to play that game. Give us what we want, or we’ll put you 6 feet in the ground.

I think Canadians are far, far away from this line of thinking. But I think this is where ALL Whites across the whole of the Western world will have to go in the years and decades ahead. The Americans for example, had every right to grab their weapons to settle the 2020 US Presidential election. They waited for the courts including the supreme court and they were screwed over. So little by little Whites everywhere will find that in the end, we must do what our forefathers did. You can’t avoid it.

But, nothing is ever wasted. Life and effort is never wasted. We learn from all the things we do including our failures.

I will be following the Canadian Truckers with great interest. I think it’s very marvelous. They have courage and they want to do good things. They’re wonderful!

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