All Whites dress like shit & Jewish Feminist HAGS ruined our women…

Here are some comments of mine that I posted on Gab. Truly I think we whites dress like crap. I’m not a suit-and-tie guy myself really. But honestly, the kinds of “modern” styles look like shit. We really need a new fashion, that represents us and sets us apart. We know what we are, and f*ck what others think. This is what I posted on Gab:-

@chrispereira @EmpressWife @lovelymiss The modern look, dress and attitude of white women, especially from England is hideous. They look and act like Jewish hags. Who wants to be married to a Jewish witch? Our women were gorgeous. I don’t know why in hell they would want to dress like crap. And they have a crap attitude too. Its dreadful now.

@chrispereira @EmpressWife @lovelymiss But all whites dress like shit these days. The standards are hideous. Its the Jewish influence…. lowering the standards to that men have jeans and pants falling off like the blacks. The Jews lowered our standards so that we would fit in with the blacks. Its terrible. I HATE “modern fashion”. Hitler’s Germany… now there was FASHION! Real fashion, real class. And yes, whites in the 1950s in the USA – that was the peak … before everything went downhill. We need to be white and proud of it.

One thought on “All Whites dress like shit & Jewish Feminist HAGS ruined our women…

  • 19th December 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Agreed on our fashion being ugly and unflattering. You know who creates the fashion ‘trends’ of course!
    We women and girls need to return to FEMININITY in our way of clothing ourselves. Wearing feminine clothing would also return us to FEELING it. The slutification of the female half of the White race through inappropriate dress (and foul language as well as public drunkenness of our young girls) should be discouraged through social PRESSURE so that we can return to receiving the respect from our White males. Writing about all this to reveal it and highlight it is a good place to start.

    Likewise the feminazi attacks on our White males should be rejected forthwith in such a way so that these extremists become instead the focus of White women’s derision. Media purposely guilty of this such as the ABC (Australian Bolshevik Corporation, BBC etc etc) should receive massive PUSH BACK/Backlash from the public to fire those promoting it so they know we are on to them and its not acceptable. Ditto hollywood. Its interesting that Lord Monckton mentioned in a public talk as an ‘aside’ that the BBC preferentially selects homosexuals and jews to work for the BBC.

    Hollywood pays a vast role in perpetuating female degeneracy. I’ll leave the discussion about our White males to someone else except to say that White girls/women need to encourage the ‘alpha’ in our males instead of neutering it in order for the survival of the diminishing White race.


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