Alison Chabloz: La vie en Faurisson – The original REVISIONIST: TRUTH TELLER countering JEWISH HOLOCAUST LIES

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La vie en Faurisson

October 21, 2019Alison Chabloz

A year ago today, Robert Faurisson passed away. For more than 40 years, his life was entirely dedicated to the revisionist cause. By way of his study, research and quest for historical exactitude, he also sought exoneration for the German people, wrongly accused during and since the Nuremberg Victors’ Trials, and declared his unbending support for the plight of the indigenous Arabs of occupied Palestine.

In light of Faurisson’s dual citizenship (France/UK) and bilingualism, it is perhaps unsurprising that he was the first prominent revisionist to discover my own leanings in this direction. That was back in 2015 when I performed a quenelle salute at the Edinburgh Fringe. From that infamous day onward, Faurisson – with the help of his devoted sister, Madame Yvonne Schleiter – was typically diligent in informing revisionists worldwide of my musical and other contributions, for which I am still immensely grateful.

When I began composing my series of Songs of the Shoah, I paid tribute to Faurisson in ‘Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe‘ – one of the songs which later saw me convicted and sentenced in an English court. Before circulating the video of my song, I sent him a copy, politely asking his permission to proceed. His response came almost immediately with a resounding J’approuve! The rest is history, so to speak…

There is no doubt that Faurisson loved Dieudonné. As explained by Alain Soral in his touching tribute to Faurisson, the work of Égalité et Réconciliation together with Dieudonné’s comedy provided a veritable fountain of youth for the ageing professor. A year on from his death, I present the little tribute below, to my knowledge as yet unpublished, with heartfelt thanks to Dieudonné and L’Atelier de chansons potaches.

(Certain prominent British champions of the revisionist cause might like ponder the mutual love and respect between Faurisson and Dieudonné, because there is no doubt that the complicity of these two heroes has helped enormously in bringing the revisionist cause to the hearts and minds of millions worldwide).

With subtitles in French:

With subtitles in English:

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