Alex Linder: Jews Lie Always – Their latest BIG LIES about Ancient History


[I agree with Alex – the Jews always lie about EVERYTHING. They have been doing this for the last 3,000 years, and if you study your history you’ll see its as clear as daylight. Look at the latest Jewish garbage to go into print.]

From his commentary of: 11 July 2017

Reading this book, it’s a cartoon history of the world. By Larry Gonick. I haven’t looked him up but I’m sure he’s a jew. It’s something from the ’70s or ’80s. I expected it to be full of lies, like everything else jews write, and sure enough it is. In the first 150 pages are the lies: 1) women invented agriculture; 2) Egytians were blacks (Hittites were barbarians); one figure remarks how unthinkable it is that whites rule over blacks; 3) says the Aryans destroyed ancient Indian civilization. Just a side remark, the book hasn’t got into Indian history yet. Jews know very well that the Egyptians who created the stuff that still strikes us today were not Nubians. They know that. They deliberately lie about it – as they do about everything else. All their lies follow a pattern to make a point: to diminish white achievements and denigrate the white race. And exalt the jews as some kind of noble, civilization-founding people. But that part is yet to come.


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