ABUSED WHITE SOLDIERS: Disgusted US Marine writes to me about America’s future… also… Trump won the election but…

I got this message from a US Marine who is disgusted. I’ve not replied to him yet and I will publish that. But this should show you how our people are just getting sick to the pit of their stomachs about the situation. This is IDENTICAL to how Rhodesians viewed their future and how White South Africans viewed their future.

Jews are throwing the USA off the cliff … and here here we go. But this is a natural reaction of disgust and I’m sure Whites all over the West including Europe and even a few in dumb Jewish Britain, feel the same way.

WHITE SOLDIERS ARE ABUSED I TELL YOU. Their services are used for the enrichment of the Jews and the Elite … and little do they know what they are really fighting for:

I’m a semi-retired U.S. Marine and I’m curious as to what your whole organization is really about? I’m a passionate history lover and I’m disgusted like never before and even cannot sleep because of how the small minority of elitists are selling out this nation, the Lord and everything that made us the absolute greatest power in the World in all of history. I’m beyond words at this point that this traitor is actually being inaugurated. Regardless of the fact the Trump won the election, if this isn’t the greatest of all illegal acts by this false government, I do not know what is. Is there some way that I could help change the direction of what continues. Please let me know…

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