#BS#About Religion, Racialism & Science & Jewish capture of Science… Believe in SCIENCE!

#BS#This is from a discussion with an American who is a Christian, regarding my stance on our enemies.

He wrote:
I am OK with your Atheism as long as your enemy is Marxist/Zionist and your goal is the preservation of the White Race,

I replied:
I have always HATED communism. My values are clear. Only the European/White race matters. Everything else is nothing.
The Asians are a race that counter-balance us due to their numbers, but at a time we controlled vast numbers of them – an amazing feat.

The European Race is the only thing of importance, and everything else is peripheral.
Also, we created – virtually everything.

About Science.
I had a LOT of doubts about science all my life, and I fought a lot against Science while still loving and being amazed by the technical achievements of our race.
I know some of science is politicised – and this must be fixed.
But a lot of science is very real and genuine, like Mathematics, Physics, etc. In fact the only part of physics that I question is that which comes from the Jew Einstein. That Speed of light nonsense is a problem for me, ditto for the Jew’s explanation of Gravity. But, for example, Quantum Mechanics, which is basically a totally White invention, and which shows incredible things – is another example of a fantastic science.
For most of my life I was even against evolution and read all the books about it.

I have met and befriended RACIALLY AWARE Academics and scientists – a few – and they showed me clearly that science IS ON OUR SIDE.
Especially the academic I call my “Boer NAZI pal”. He was a lecturer in Scientific Method here in Pretoria. He showed me time and again, the side of science I never appreciated.
Then there’s my “Boer Pagan pal”, the Missile Engineer. He also showed me deeper things.

I must tell you that in our movement we LACK AN APPRECIATION OF TRUE SCIENCE.

The Jews and other scum may have stolen the White man’s science and tried to liberalise it, but the vast majority, if not all the facts of science WORK FOR WHITES.

If science does not work for us, then it is ONLY because came and perverted it.


The first Jewish academic I found who was serious and talked more shit than you can believe was a Jew who was an “expert” in military history – A Dutch Jew – Van Creveld.
That Jew can talk so much shit on that topic. It outraged a bunch of academics who wrote an entire book to counter the terrible junk that Van Creveld wrote with regard to military logistics.

I may have found another Jew the only Jew who has invented a study of “the world system”. His name is Wallerstein. He may have also perverted all of the Western world’s history.
A book he wrote that may be total Jewish propaganda is “After Liberalism” (1995).

Hitler was himself a deep believer in science and technology and we have the SS to thank for space travel. Hitler and the Germans showed clearly that science works for our cause.
In fact, there are so many scientific truths that work for our race, that can add lots of value, that it’s something I will return to again and again.

Without science you would have had ZERO tools in the military. You would have been throwing rocks at the enemy. You can thank science for EVERYTHING.

Scientific method is NOT our enemy. What is our enemy is the politicisation and corruption of our academic system.

Before the Jews stuffed up our science, in the 1800s, we were racist, and very direct and very successful.

DO NOT IMAGINE THAT SCIENCE IS LIBERAL OR MARXIST. It is NOT. Science is appearing Liberal to you because it is perverted.

The real facts work for us. And that even includes evolution. We do not need the creation. Evolution is even better and it works for us.

The only value religion has, is as a high level view of the world. It gives us assurances of the future, and belief in carrying on for some goal with “god”.

But Hitler had already replaced that. You cannot be a real National Socialist, because if you were, then you would know that NS explains everything and gives you all the goals, motivation and direction you need.

I do agree we need a religion. That is what Ben Klassen tried to do, and I think Dr Pierce had a stab at it.

Klassen explained it best. He said that all the most successful empires in history HAD A RELIGION. I see a religion as a store for “a plan”.

It puts us all on the same page.

I don’t worry about our differences, because all our differences will fade away with time as we assimilate and adopt values that we find useful.

Out of these discussions and interactions between everyone on the Internet WE ARE LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS FOR THE NEW SYSTEM TO COME.

So everything that is of value will be preserved.

Science is not liberal. That’s a fantasy that is especially prevalent in the USA.

True science, is a European invention and its a fantastic way forward. I chose spirituality over science all my life.
And that was a mistake. Science triumphs.

I am a deep believer in Science and Technology and Engineering for us. These are the real “magic” of our race.
Don’t worry about the perversions of it. Leave the Jewish and Liberal perverts. We must co-opt, seize and take back all our science and technology.

THIS GIVES US OUR REAL EDGE. THIS IS THE WHITE MAN’S MAGIC. The only magic that actually works.
The Blacks can have Witch-doctors. The Jews can have their direct communications with God, which they lie about.
Science, engineering and technology is the only thing that delivers results.

True science is actually RACIST.

As for concerning ourselves about our differences. I don’t worry. It will resolve itself especially as we are BURNED TOGETHER THROUGH HARDSHIP.

When we are busy fighting for our lives, we will worry less about what we believe and we’ll be saying: PASS THE F*CKING AMMUNITION!!! Hahahaha.

Everything will end well! 🙂

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