About my long-gone HistoryReviewed Youtube Channel…. that makes me happy


I was chatting to 2 guys in a Western country today, and one of them told me how he was originally red pilled by my old Youtube Channel! He went on to tell me how it changed him and what he is now doing for whites.

For me, it was a good moment to see that people from my 18+ months on Youtube were still following me and best of all, that it had affected their lives and woken them up. For me, that makes all the unpleasantness and the struggle so worthwhile to know that I’ve affected other whites in a positive way.

Of course the Pan European idea is something they’re pushing, which I’m hugely in favour of. I really enjoyed listening to their sentiments and their views.

The one man told me how whites also are struggling with this new-found knowledge of THE TRUTH, and how they struggle spiritually, even if they’re not really that deeply spiritual, in order to assess how to handle it and how to live their lives. He was saying that people (whites) want to be GOOD.

We had a very lovely discussion. This is the 2nd person I’ve spoken to this week who tells me he followed me on my original Youtube channel. And he could relate various things I had said.

I am so pleased to know that my efforts to get the truth out, from here in Africa has worked and that whites changed as a result of it.

He went on to tell me how they have to work secretly because they have to be careful what they say. In this regard, so many whites are so fearful. It is quite a shocker.

However, what I am seeing pleases me, and I know for a fact, that, once entrusted with the truth, common white folks can be trusted with it and they will do what is good for our people.

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