A White Woman’s strange story: How the (fake) Jewish Holocaust made her lose faith in God…


[This is quite a fascinating story listening to this white woman. She and her husband live quite a heck of a life in the church. It starts out as the “perfect Christian story”. However, as they travel, especially to Europe, they begin to have doubts about their religion.

What astounded me was the impact that the stupid fake Jewish holocaust had on this woman. She clearly believed that God, actually made the world a better place! So she could not believe that God allowed the “evil NAZIs” to do these things to the stupid Jews. She clearly lacks a lot of historical knowledge, because there have been many real, hideous events in history and “God” did allow those things to happen.

Nevertheless, she and her husband undergo many changes and eventually abandon the church.

It seems to me in the USA, the Church community is very tight, and when people leave, they then lose all their connnections to others they knew before.

What does strike me as interesting, is how sheltered this woman's view of life is. Life is indeed much more brutal than she believes. It does indeed make me wonder what portion of the vast white population of America DO INDEED BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS RELATIVELY GOOD AND NICE? And this should then play easily into the hands of a lying Jew, who is keen to sell fake Liberalism to white Americans. The Jews and their media no doubt see to it that white Americans are calmed down, and kept away from reality, by making them believe the whole world is kinder than it really is.

I was quite astounded, how the stupid fake Jewish holocaust caused this white woman such a tremendous shock. Sadly, she does not know that the NAZIs were the GOOD GUYS. If only she had learned of real holocausts: Katyn Forest, the Holodomor, the Jewish slaughter of tens of millions of people in Russia.

It concerns me that so many white Americans have too much of a soft view of life, not realising the enemies within, and without and the true brutality of life. Life has always been brutal. That is the way nature works. Its a world of intense competition. Jan]

Here is her strange story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-nE-zrIhKc

2 thoughts on “A White Woman’s strange story: How the (fake) Jewish Holocaust made her lose faith in God…

  • 30th September 2019 at 7:57 am

    More proof that the great majority of Whites are as blind as a bat. None of them can even spot a pair of Jews when they are right under their nose like those pair in that video. The White race is not going to survive, I can tell you right now. No wonder why our race is going under, two thousand years of blind faith and ignorance of who and what are around them.

  • 28th September 2019 at 8:37 am

    This makes some sense to me. If you’ve ever read the lying Jew Elie Wiesel’s book called “Night”, which gives his story about what happened in the concentration camps, it is totally anti-religion in its tone. Wiesel says that as he saw the bodies of the baby Jews burn into smoke, his belief in God burned with them. And he says that he lost all faith in God as he witnessed other “atrocities” and so forth. The holocaust is a very big thing which turns people atheist in the US. I have witnessed it firsthand. It is a bit strange, but in some ways I think it helps Jews to further the spread of liberalism and the destruction of common-sense values and traditional ideals.


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