A White American hero Randy Weaver of the Ruby Ridge Standoff dies at the age of 74 – My Comments


[Here was a real White hero, a man who stood his ground. We, as a race, have many more "Ruby Ridges" and other challenges facing us. We must just strengthen ourselves and prepare ourselves for the nasty, but necessary things that lie ahead. We have what it takes. Jan]

This is from an email I received:

As usual this article is a pro-government apologetic for the Weaver family massacre in the summer of 1992 in Northern Idaho by federal agents for a failure to appear for a weapons charge against Randy. The charge resulted from a federal informant and ostensible friend of Randy’s who talked Randy into selling him a shotgun with the barrel sawed off a total of 1/8" short of being legal in order to provide leverage against Randy to turn informer for the government. The actual time from charges being laid to the actual siege was well over a year during which all sorts of adverse publicity was generated against Randy and his family by the system media. As usual Randy was cast as an extremist right wing villain and Jeraldo Rivero the TV host even flew a chopper over Randy’s hilltop home claiming Randy and his family had pointed rifles at them all the while painting the family as offensive right wing extremist neo-Nazi, "white supremacists". In August of 1992 the federals invaded their homestead and ended up shooting young 14 year old Sammy Weaver in the back, shooting the mother Vickie Weaver in the head with a sniper round while holding her 10 month old baby daughter in her arms. Her husband Randy and friend Kevin Harris were also shot by federal snipers and all of this after Randy refused to turn himself in after being charged with a minor weapons offense. Kevin and Randy survived but Vickie and young Sammy died at the siege.

Most of you know the rest. Randy was finally acquitted of all major charges with the exception of a failure to appear and in subsequent legal action against the feds, the family was awarded 2 or 3 million dollars in damages. After Randy was acquitted of most of the charges, the jury forewoman stated on the nightly news, "What happened to this family was a terrible, terrible thing," obviously an understatement and no federal charges were ever laid against the perpetrators. Randy used to attend the church in Hayden Lake Idaho which myself and my family attended. We were all good friends and still have many letters from Vickie Weaver and her two daughters, Sarah and Rachael written during the preliminaries to the siege.
Randy Weaver was a patriot whose travails demonstrate the extremes the Jewish controlled powers that be will go to to eliminate all opposition to their
program of genocide against white Aryan/ Adamic man. He will be sadly missed.

Randy Weaver, key figure behind bloody Ruby Ridge standoff near Canada-U.S. border, dies | CBC News – https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/randy-weaver-ruby-ridge-impact-1.6448991

Randy Weaver, who refused to leave his remote Idaho cabin to answer a U.S. gun charge with bloody consequences, died this week. According to a social media post from his daughter Sara, Randy Weaver died on Wednesday at 74. She did not disclose a cause of death.This year marks the 30th anniversary of the 11-day Ruby Ridge standoff which saw separate, deadly exchanges of gunfire claim the lives of Randy Weaver’s wife Vicki and teenaged son Sam, as well as a U.S. Marshal.

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