A very nasty Australian Bitcoin company that seems to be anti-White

One of my Australian supporters wrote me this note about a horrible company that he tried to get an account at for Bitcoin. It seems one must stay away from this lot:

Hi, I have tried opening an Bitcoin account with Swyftw. My experience was met with numerous questions from this firm, such who was I going to send money to, what was this persons views and what did they write about and how much was I giving them. I told them that what they did or wrote was not for me to divulge as it was none of their business who I sent money too and what their website was about. I them had to speak to a person (phone call) tho discuss the matter. I told him what I thought of the company and its prying nature and decided that I did not wish to process with opening an account with this firm. I would not recommend this firm as they seem to be of the ‘small hat’ brigade who are trying to silence any comments that go against their agenda.

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