A Tale of Honour & Truth: Jews Vs Daily Stormer Vs Red Ice Radio Vs Creativity


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I’ve been picking up various information from people I respect and trust and thus what I’m about to say is as a result of that information.

The Jewish bags of shit have been attacking the EXCELLENT Red Ice Radio show that probably has done more work in Europe for the good of our race than anyone else (as far as I know). If anyone else is doing similar or better work then let me know. But one cannot take away from Red Ice Radio the fact that they’ve done incredible work on the truth for our people worldwide.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Red Ice Radio and Nordic Resistance both seem to be of Swedish origin. This therefore is an interesting tale that it shows a type of dichotomy in Sweden, that is almost similar to Canada where you have an unbelievable infestation of Jewish pressure and thought and yet there are some determined, tough and, shall we say, honourable whites who stand up to and resist the filthy Jewish thinking in the face of all odds. This to me is an excellent sign that even when badly outnumbered and badly at a disadvantage, that you get some whites who are just damned determined and won’t quit either on the truth or their race. Canada has a similar tough attitude led by the indomitable Paul Fromm. This may be a sign of hope and maybe even a sign of hope in the British Isles. In this regard I get the sense that the American creation, the excellent Creativity Movement re-established itself in the UK some years ago and they seem to be fighting a desperate battle there quietly for the hearts and minds of our people. Plus there are a few indomitable Brits around who are doing their utmost, among them David Irving, Alison Chabloz and others. It does suggest to me that in every white country, even, amazingly, Britain, there may be a small HARD CORE of whites who just won’t quit. And this to me is a sign of real hope and of course we must do all we can to support them.

The Jewish shit bags have thus been attacking Red Ice intensely and trying to demonetize them massively and I believe they’ve taken their nasty beating with honour and style by remaining true to the TRUTH. Red Ice have been cautious about openly attacking the Jews, however, for the Jews, even soft, intellectual, indirect suggestions of the truth are unacceptable since ONLY TOTAL LIES will make Jews happy. So the Jews have worked hard to destroy Red Ice.

The take-away that I’m getting though, is that Red Ice has remained true to the TRUTH regardless. Thus, for me, Red Ice Radio is an example of White Honour that any of our forefathers, including the Pagans, who took honour very seriously, would approve of.

Now let’s turn to what I’ve been hearing about The Daily Stormer. The Daily Stormer has done magnificent work, make no mistake, especially during their "NAZI phase". Their size, their ability to communicate and teach and spread the word among young whites was unmatched.

However, The Daily Stormer has been, from what I hear, changing their line. From what I’m hearing, they’ve gone as far as now deliberately falsifying history even. I don’t know of actual examples, but I’ve been told that they’ve stooped this low. They’ve also transformed themselves now into a "Christian" viewpoint. Previously in one of their incarnations they were MAGA Trump types and were redefining White Nationalism as American Patriotism.

The Daily Stormer is thus constantly changing its angles. I have no problem with the evolution of one’s viewpoint, but one must also be reasonably consistent in one’s approach since, at the end of the day you are dealing with FACTS and, if they are true facts, then they don’t just change.

Personally, I’m a big believer that despite evolution of knowledge, and flexibility of tactics, that one should also maintain a certain firmness at some point when one is under attack. You cannot always just step backwards. At times you need to dig in your heels and FIGHT BACK and STAND UP for your viewpoint.

Our Pagan ancestors had a certain view that you should not allow yourself to be walked over. If you are weak and you let people walk all over you, then you also must carry some blame for it. You must exude a certain strength of will yourself. Remember, we were Pagans for tens of thousands of years before we became Christians. So this is a more natural view of ourselves.

The topic of Andrew Anglin’s association with Weev rises again, and it seems to me to be quite a well established fact that Weev is Jewish and that Weev plays a big role in the moves of the Daily Stormer.

The bottom line though, is that I’ve been hearing that The Daily Stormer is now actually falsifying history, though I don’t know of exact examples. I think this is a TERRIBLE MOVE. I think this is DREADFUL and I think in this regard, there isn’t a single white right website that has ever stooped this low. This is definitely DISHONOURABLE and this is NOT what white people do. This is however a typically Jewish move. If the facts don’t suit your needs then you invent the necessary lies that you need and that’s how Jews "move forward". The Jews just invent whatever lies they need at any time and it’s an old, established practise of this filthy little race. For Jews MONEY and POWER is more important than facts, whereas for 99% of whites, this is a line we do not cross. We, as a people draw the line at TRUTH, and while we may massage the truth, we rarely, if ever, cross the boundary into open lying NO MATTER HOW MANY BENEFITS MAY ACCRUE FROM LYING. We, as a people, as a race, almost NEVER take to lying just because big benefits can come to us. We almost always prefer to LOSE BENEFITS rather than lie.

So for me, this is very bad news that The Daily Stormer is crossing into that world. I don’t know how often they’ve done it, or exactly what they’ve falsified, but they are definitely adopting Jewish tactics. I think this is a bad step in the wrong direction.

I like for example Creativity and its tough, hard stance on the Jews. I like people who stand firm, and I think whenever one can, we must. The Jews beat the hell out of us even though we are small outfits, and tiny organisations, but even so, most whites do not bend, and that is a critical and very important aspect of what makes us function and succeed.

In the end, it is a battle of the TRUTH vs the LIE. In the end, the White Race always prefers RESPECT while losing benefits; whereas the Jew always chooses benefits over Respect. The Jew therefore wonders why he is hated. And he is hated because of his weak character and the manner in which he will overtly or covertly turn on anyone. He will smile into your face while handing your enemy the knife that he slips into your back. Whites also, as a RACE are based very much on REALITY, and the TRUTH thus flows from that very basis.

The Jew and Jewish success is based on "unreality" and a lack of concern for what is REAL. e.g. We are the people of God, we are the only ones with a direct line to God, and God chose us. All of this is just pure hogwash.

The Daily Stormer’s key contribution has been to get a large audience and to teach young whites. However, I do wonder where they are going in the end. They seem to be focused on support and feelings, and it bothers me that they are daring to cross that line that few whites would dare to cross. It does not bode well I’m afraid. Exactly what part Weev played in this I cannot say. But it does sound Jewy, and if Anglin himself is willing to engage in those tactics, that is just bad news in the long term. I think one cannot predict where they are going to, but maybe they are willing to do ANYTHING for material success, and if so, that is VERY JEWISH and very bad.

Instead, I think we should rather hold up Red Ice Radio as an example of what whites, real whites, do under pressure. Like the Germans of Hitler’s time, they take their beatings, they take their losses, but they DO NOT COMPROMISE ON THEIR PRINCIPLES. And that, my friends, is a very Aryan thing to do. There is a quote from Hitler about Aryans and their firmness. He says something like the Aryan is at one with God and he talks of how steadfast the Aryan is. The Romans were like this, and the majority of whites have this view of life, but I think the Germans in WW2 exemplified it to an incredible degree and set a high standard.

In the end, what matters, and what shows character, in our race, and is a long-standing tradition among ourselves, is how we stand UNDER FIRE, UNDER ATTACK. And the white race, as a whole, generally tries hard to stand firm, rather than to bend. THAT IS OUR TRADITION AND OUR NATURE, and this is why we not only can command RESPECT as a people, but also why we can cause FEAR in our enemies. We are known for our firmness and our unbending approach. But in the end, especially in the LONG TERM, this works for us. It works for us BIG TIME. THIS IS OUR SYSTEM, AND THIS IS OUR PERSONALITY and we must stick to this. This approach has allowed us to do things that nobody else can do on the planet. It has allowed us to exist and to conquer and to rule in a way that nobody else could. We must not abandon this key, crucial part of our racial personality. It has stood the test of time like nothing else.

I will tell you, from my perspective in Africa, that you have no idea how well this has worked for us, even as a small group who are vastly outnumbered. It was only Jewish, Liberal and Communist lying and propaganda that undermined us. But as a system also of dealing with non-whites, it allowed us to be an upper class, even a warrior class if you will, that could command respect.


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