A Supporter’s ideas: How we can all spread the racial message to whites better…

[One of my supporters sent me this message on the efforts he went to, to eventually get his father to actually watch videos and learn about the Germans. I like the way he approached it. We must all make EVERY EFFORT to get the message through to whites, even if they are disinterested. This is critical.

I will add, that a 79 year old supporter of mine in the USA makes stickers and sticks them on his car and send them to other whites for free. Only Billy Roper has the balls to use them. But I also love the sticker campaign of one of the other American organisation I met at last year's Fash Bash. Those guys are regularly putting stickers up everywhere.
Put stickers on letter, lamp-posts … anything. I also try to think of places I can leave messages that whites might stumble upon while on the Internet. I also operate beyond just my websites.
We MUST make every effort to get our racial unity/history message to any whites anywhere. It is important. Ultimately it will save white lives, among many other things. Jan]

On 2020/02/06 04:43, xxx wrote:

The last email I received from spoke of the attempts by the Jewish establishment to censor us. I agree, we are at risk of losing a great deal of thoughtful material, and social connections. The problem, I fear, is more serious than just simply taking out our websites, removing YouTube accounts, or banning us from banks. Eventually they will find a way to completely wipe us from the internet.

With that in mind, I have a proposal. I’ve already started spreading the idea among like minded people on YouTube, and Bitchute, and a little bit on Dlive. I’m sure you are familiar with the late great Ernst Zundel, correct? While I was binge watching some of Zundel’s old videos on Bitchute, last November, I started trying to think of ways that I could get my father to watch the old Samisdat videos. My father refuses to touch any computer, almost as if he were allergic. The answer of how to get the material to him came from Ernst himself. Ernst regularly used to talk about his mailing list, mailing videos, dvd’s, books and pamphlets to his customers. That’s what I would need to do to get my father to see the information that he needed to see. I would burn dvd copies of the videos I was finding on YouTube or Bitchute and send it to him. My proposal is that all of us involved, or even interested in this form of alternative media, should start to formulate our own mailing lists, to pass around. We should be sending these videos, books, audio files, and even printed pdfs to as many people as possible.

Hi xxx,

Nice Idea. I’m going to put this on my list of things to post.

We must all form our own groups, in whatever way is convenient. i like the way you solved the problem.

We are indeed in a situation where we must spread the word BY HOOK OR BY CROOK … without any mucking about. The situation is serious and you are right, they’re trying to stop everything.

Best Regards


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