A New Decentralized Website for Videos & other content for Whites?

One of my supporters sent me this note:

Hi Jan:

Have you heard of pocketnet? It is a new platform that is based on a
block-chain. So it is decentralized. It is supposed to be hard to
get deplatformed. You might consider it as an additional platform to
bitchute and your web sites.

Here is the link:


I replied:
No I’ve not heard of this. I’ve just gone there now. Its the first time I’ve seen it. I will post your note on my website now.

Where can I put videos there?

I like the idea of putting videos in as many places as I can where I won’t be deplatformed. I recently went to Goyimtv.com and I like it. Its small but its got the perfect audience. I love it.

I normally like to wait for things to settle down and to see if these places have got visitors, and them I’m game to dive in.

Videos is where my total focus currently is, and will be.

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