A FANTASTIC WHITE KING: Hitler’s Greatest Hero – Frederick the Great – and Jews HATE Prussia

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I’ve finally managed to find some good reading material regarding Frederick the Great. This was Hitler’s greatest hero and Hitler wanted to be like him.

Frederick the Great stands out for me as the greatest White King of modern times.

We Whites have been ruled by Kings for much of our existence and in this modern, junk age of so-called Democracy, which actually is NOT the same as the democracy it was modelled on, we’ve forgotten the power of families and kings.

Frederick the Great is an amazing King. In the last few centuries there were perhaps 3 Kings who were truly kickass and 2 of them were Germans. The one was Charles the 12th of Sweden, who was actually German. Then there was Gustavus Adolphus, also in Sweden. The Swedes in their time were actually very kickass.

But then there’s Frederick the Great who really put Prussia on the map. And the Jews hated Prussia so much that after WW2 Prussia was removed from the map of Germany!

Prussia was really turned into something by Frederick the Great and it laid the foundations for Bismarck who later unified Germany.

Frederick the Great in my view is the last of the most awesome of the hereditary kings.

He was no fool. And apparently he wrote a LOT about his wars afterwards.

As always, in the weak Anglo-American English speaking side of our race, you never really get the kind of information that is hidden away in the many non-English speaking parts of our race.

But finally I have some good information.

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