A Family of Jewish Communist spies passed on US atomic secrets to the USSR – My comments


[Just look at this communism. And see the note which reads: YCL – Perhaps meaning Young Communist League or something like that? Jews are scum. If that is what they were doing to the USA back then … imagine what the Jewish scum are doing to the white race RIGHT NOW with all the POWER in their hands? Truly, we have serious concerns. Jan]

Oscar Seborer, who was working at Los Alamos, NM, at the time Manhattan project scientists were laboring to beat their Nazi counterparts in the race for an atomic weapon, passed sensitive information to Soviet agents, according to an article titled “On the Trail of a Fourth Soviet Spy at Los Alamos” by Harvey Klehr and John Earl Haynes, in the current issue of the CIA journal Studies in Intelligence.

The report reads like a John le Carré novel written in collaboration with Shalom Aleichem. Here are a few amazing excerpts – we highly recommend you download the PDF file and spend the rest of your Sunday hovering over it with a nice cup of tea. We are grateful to the Central Intelligence Agency for making this fascinating story available.

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