[I want to explain to Whites why a failed state is the path to freedom, especially for us in South Africa. Let me show you the proper definition of what a failed state is. See below. Now take special note on the legitimate use of physical force. In other words, the Government can come and kill you or grab you and throw you into prison. A Government is the only institution in a state that is allowed to KILL or injure or seize you. But if that Government is your ENEMY … then it's far better if it no longer has that capability. A failed state has warlords and other groups functioning in it. For us in SA, a FAILED STATE is perfect. PERFECT. I will be delighted to live in a FAILED STATE. Yes it will have some danger … but there will be many things we will be able to do, that we've NEVER been able to do. A FAILED STATE will be WONDERFUL. It's our ticket to FREEDOM. Jan]

Here’s the definition:

According to the political theories of Max Weber, a state is defined as maintaining a monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force within its borders. When this is broken (e.g., through the dominant presence of warlords, paramilitary groups, corrupt policing, armed gangs, or terrorism), the very existence of the state becomes dubious, and the state becomes a failed state. The difficulty of determining whether a government maintains "a monopoly on the legitimate use of force", which includes the problems of the definition of "legitimate", means it is not clear precisely when a state can be said to have "failed".

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Failed_state

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