A Double Week of stupidity for Britain

I must say, the British are now getting Liz Truss who is Jew-friendly and absolutely loves Israel. And now King Charles. I’m not expecting much from Liz, except another feminist type of Liberal/Leftist/Communist type of fool like we’ve seen across the Western world. I say again, Anders Breivik was right. These White women in such positions are very bad. They will destroy their own nations.

Returning to Charles. It’s more like King idiot Charles. I’ve never taken much interest in Charles. But the times I’ve actually bothered to read what he writes or listened to what he says, I thought of him as a total fool. He also hobnobs with the Jewish filth the Rothschilds who OWN BRITAIN. Yes, seriously. They probably own a lot of the world.

When he was young he was an officer in the Royal Navy as part of his training. But in reality I never saw anything about him that indicated to me that he amounted to anything.

In fact, I got the feeling that his own mother did NOT want to just hand over to him. That she actually preferred to hang in there and rule Britain until she dies. She could have handed over to him a long time ago but she did not. I think she did not trust her own son.

I would be most surprised if Charles amounts to anything. I’m expecting him to be a disaster. But I’ll actually listen to any speeches he gives as King and see if I change my mind.

I must tell you, Boris was much better, I think. He was a grovelling fool for the BANKS – but even so, he seemed to have some common sense racism quietly. And he boinked a bunch of White women and made White kids – which is never a bad thing. So I have a soft spot for nasty Boris. He wasn’t a total asshole like Biden, for example.

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