A Christian writes to me: Hitler was excellent, but he was controlled by Jews – My Reply


This is what a Christian wrote to me on the Social Media:

Very few people are as stark, descriptive, incisive, or devastating as Hitler was with his words. It’s hard to believe he was the jewish controlled opposition because he really tore off their mask. The damage he did to them keeps resurfacing to bite them in rhe butt big time.

My Reply:
I’m sorry but you’ve got this all backwards. It is pure junk that hitler was controlled or funded by the Jews. That shows how little YOU actually grasp Hitler or anything he did. Hitler was a new man … going down a path that is the beginning of the real future. Your type of thinking shows me clearly that you’re still very much stuck into soft, Liberal, weak, concepts. You’ve got too much Jewish Liberal clouding your brain. You are thinking in terms MORALS – Christian morals – as applied GLOBALLY to all people. You’re still far too soft in your thinking. You’ve missed the entire point. You are using simplistic methods to criticize Hitler by. And many people, even now, who support Hitler, still do not grasp the gigantic leap of thinking that the NAZIS took. I’m going to repeat this: The NAZIS were inventing the NEW EUROPEAN/WHITE MAN. They were thinking deep thoughts, born of Nietzsche, and born of Paganism, and the Roman Empire. They were living the CORRECT WAY … the way that will make Europeans/Whites, INSANELY AWESOME. They are literally taking us towards a path of being semi-Gods ourselves. Forget Christian, Biblical teachings and morality. That is childish stuff. Nature, Life itself, this planet, is a place where Nature is ruthless. Hitler himself said: "Nature does not forgive weakness". Hitler saw the world, the way the world really is, the way we used to see the world – partly. Hitler tried to teach his people, unity, and race and that they must stick together at all costs. He taught them all the right values. If we followed the path of Hitler … we would one day be, almost, the God’s of the universe itself. Hitler was merging modern science, and deep philosophy with proven history and our proven background. What are we REALLY? What are WHITES IN THEIR NATURAL STATE? We are NOT, soft, wishy-washy, Christians. We’re something much stronger, and much more determined. That is really what we are, and that includes YOU. When you know YOURSELF, you will see you are NOT some kind of soft weakling. Jews hate Hitler because Hitler tore their mask off. They will hate him with every ounce of their being until the end of time. The NAZIS are much deeper than you think. They were incredible. The Wehrmacht was the new Roman Army. A return of Napoleon. Napoleon had some similar concepts to Hitler. Napoleon, like Hitler, understood deep, classical European history. Napoleon was also at the beginning, the bare beginnings of race. But by the time of Hitler, that knowledge was firm and clear, and Hitler used it properly. My own view is that Frederick the Great, Napoleon and Hitler; may be part of a much bigger "European/White cycle" which will take our entire race back to pre-Christian values. Life is forcing us, to become what we really always were … a war-like people, full of energy, who stand up for ourselves, and we can and will face ANYTHING. There is NOTHING we can’t face, and NOTHING we won’t try to OVERCOME. We never were weaklings. And we will return to being the dominant, superior people that we always were. We’re not cry babies. We’re not weak. And nobody will kick us around. We’ll smash them and put them in their place. That’s us. That’s what we really are.

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